Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix


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  • Jul 22, 2020  -  Jul 24, 2020  


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The Formula 1 Magyar Nagydij is held at the Hungaroring Grand Prix Circuit near the small town of Mogyoród, 18 km northeast of Budapest.

In 2016, the Hungarian Grand Prix will be held July 22-24.

2015 Hungarian Grand Prix Results:

1. Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari
2. Danyiil Kvjat - Red Bull
3. Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull
4. Max Verstappen - Toro Rosso
5. Fernando Alonso - McLaren
6. Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes
7. Romain Grosjean - Lotus
8. Nico Rosberg - Mercedes
9. Jenson Button - McLaren
10. Marcus Ericsson - Sauber

2015 Hungarian Grand Prix Schedule

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Map of Hungaroring

Fri, July 24, 2015
Practice 1 - 10 am to 11:30 am
Practice 2 - 2 pm to 3:30 pm

Sat, July 25, 2015
Practice 3 - 11 am to noon
Qualifying - 2 pm

Sun, July 26, 2015
Race - 2 pm

Hungaroring Track Details
Number of Laps: 70
Track length: 4.381 km
Total race distance: 306.630 km
Lap Record: 1:19.071 - M Schumacher (2004)

Buying Formula 1 Tickets
Tickets will be available online until Wednesday, July 22, 2015. After this date, tickets can be purchased at the box office at Hungaroring. The box office is open all week prior to the race.

Getting to Hungaroring

By bus
Free bus transportation is offered by the organizers of the Hungarian Grand Prix for ticket holders. Volánbusz buses depart from Budapest Árpád hid Volánbusz station (at the Pest side of Árpád hid, near the Metro station - Árboc u. 1, Budapest) to Mogyoród centre (Templom Square). The buses tend to get somewhat crowded and there is the walk to the track, but the free bus service is well worth it. It's free.

Additional stops include: Újpest Városkapu (Volánbusz station), Tungsram (Megyeri Street), Fóti street and Bagaria Street.

Bus schedule:
Jul 25, 2015 - Buses depart every 15-20 minutes between 7:30 am and 11:00 am to Mogyoród, every 30 minutes between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm both directions and every 15-20 minutes between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm from Mogyoród.

Jul 26, 2015 - Buses depart every 6-8 minutes between 7:30 am and 11:00 am to Mogyoród, every 30 minutes between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm both directions and every 6-7 minutes between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm from Mogyoród.

Jul 27, 2015 - Buses depart every 6-8 minutes between 7:30 am and 12:00 pm to Mogyoród, every 30 minutes between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm both directions and every 6-7 minutes between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm from Mogyoród.

By Suburban Railway (HÉV)
Another option is to take the Suburban Railway from Örs Vezér Square to Mogyoród központ (Templom square). The trip takes about 25-30 minutes. There is a 40-minute walk form the HÉV station to the track.

By car
Mogyoród is easily accessible by car and the journey is only about 20 minutes on the M3 motorway with plenty of signs to guide you. Don't forget to buy a pass to drive on the motorway. If you do decide to drive, leave early to avoid major traffic and to get a decent parking spot. Parking is available on several lots located around Hungaroring.

GPS coordinates for the Main Gate:
N 47° 35' 0.5"  E 19° 14' 33.45"

By Taxi
The official taxi companies for the Hungarian Grand Prix (City Taxi, Taxi2000 and 6X6 Taxi) offer transportation from Liszt Ferenc Budapest Airport and from any point in Budapest to the main gate of Hungaroring circuit during the Formula 1 weekend. The fare from the airport is approx. EUR 49 and from the city center approx. EUR 33 to the circuit. Taxi services operated during the GP have numbered taxi stickers.

City Taxi - Phone: (+36-1) 211-1111
Taxi2000 - Phone: (+36-1) 200-0000
6x6 Taxi - Phone: (+36-1) 666-6666

Hungarian Grand Prix: Insider's Tips

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Hungaroring's 25th anniversary poster

  • The Hungarian Grand Prix is held in the midst of the Hungarian summer and the weather can be grueling hot. If you don't like the sun, consider buying your seat in one of the covered grandstands. Take plenty of fluids and sunscreen.
  • Food stands and refreshments are available throughout the venue at inflated prices and genuinely poor quality. Consider doing some shopping before you go.
  • If you are coming from Mogyorod the nearest track entry point is at turn 1 at the Super Gold stands.
  • You'll find that the area surrounding the racetrack is hillier than you might expect, so be prepared for a hike, as it's all uphill to get to the track from Mogyorod. It really isn't too bad though and the track's layout enables you to get around relatively easily.
  • I have always found that the best place to buy your F1 tickets is at the official site, as most sites add a service charge or simply inflate their prices.
  • Gold 4 tickets are for the Grandstand located at turn one, which is the best place to pass on the track. The Gold 4 Grandstand also offers an excellent view of several corners and the home straight.
  • Gold 1 is directly across from the pits and gives you a great view of the start, plus it's covered.
  • Silver 4 is a bit further back from the track and higher on the hill, but it offers a great view of cars going through a rather tight turn 14 and onto the home straight, as well as good views of much of the track due to its position.
  • If this is your first time at a Formula 1 race don't forget to take earplugs, sunscreen, refreshments, an umbrella (check the weather forecast for Budapest) and your camera.
  • Although it's easy to get to the Hungaroring by car, perhaps a better option is to take the free bus or the Suburban Railway. If you leave early, getting there by car shouldn't be a problem, however be prepared to sit in your car for a couple of hours on the way back, while waiting to exit the facility and Mogyoród. The local infrastructure simply wasn't built to handle the traffic. You also need to buy a pass/sticker to drive on the Motorway and Hungary has a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving.

For more information, history and highlights check out 'Formula One in Hungary' and 'Hungaroring, the Hungarian Pit Stop on the Formula 1 Circuit'. Or, visit Hungaroring's official site.

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