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Visit Budapest was created for everyone who shares our passion for travel and local culture. Whether planning a trip or going back to your roots we've got plenty of insider tips to help you explore Budapest and Hungary off the beaten path.

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Our aim is to share local knowledge with travelers through articles, blogs and a complete guide including everything from lesser-known places to the most popular sights. If our website inspires you to experience this unique country, learn about its culture and connect with locals, than we have achieved our goal. Now it’s up to you to be open minded, independent and adventurous when visiting Hungary.

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Meet the Editor

While our name and website are new, I have been promoting Budapest and Hungary for many years. I'm passionate about travel, sharing ideas and community building. In all my travel experiences, I’ve found that the best memories come from doing as the locals do, so you'll find plenty of information on how to experience Budapest outside of the traditional tourist routes.

I have extensive travel industry experience as well as degrees in both Tourism and Marketing. Whether working as a tour guide in Budapest, or in airline sales in Toronto and New York, my job has always been to promote Hungary as a destination. In addition to travel I get excited about contemporary art, great recipes, vintage wine and film festivals.

We are a handful of people passionate about Hungary. Hungarians designed every pixel on this site and as you may have already guessed I'm also Hungarian, although I've spent several years studying and living in Germany, Spain, the USA and Canada. My hope is to create awareness of the local culture and inspire travel in a way that positively affects the local people and benefits the local economy. visitBudapest.travel is part of the Local Travel Movement. Roberta Gyori, Editor at Large

Meet our Contributors

Márk Mervai, photoblogger - view all posts by Márk

Who am I? Well, let me start at the basics... I was born in Miskolc, Hungary, but ended up in Germany with my family at the young age of four, where I attended both primary school and high school. After graduating high school I worked in the film industry for an equipment rental company, as well as part of a film crew. In the fall of 2010 I moved to Budapest to continue my university studies.

Why Photography? I started photography in January of 2009 when I bought my first single lens reflex camera. For me photography began as a hobby to show people my unique perspective of the interesting and beautiful world we live in. Being a student in Budapest enables me to practice my passion and moonlight as a photographer. Amongst my many projects I'm also a photographer for 'Szeretlek Magyarország'.

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Zizi, guest blogger & devoted cook - view all posts by Zizi

Hungarian born Zizi lives in Budapest. She studied marketing management, economics and business administration. She works during the day as an assistant at a university, and she is a devoted cook in the evenings and on weekends. Zizi loves traveling, reading, going to the organic market and browsing food blogs. She also volunteers, teaching mentally ill people how to cook healthy, simple dishes. Her food and travel blog is Zizi's Adventures. Although her blog is written in Hungarian, some of her articles and many of her recipes are available in English.

Zizi can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Phil Watkins, guest blogger, photographer & writer - view all posts by Phil

Growing up in London gave me a real appreciation for city life, but at the same time a thirst to go and explore the amazing world within which we exist. As a teacher, photographer and writer I have spent the last 5 years travelling to amazing cultures to build up my own portfolio:’ Collection of Experiences’.

Drawing on my wide range of cultural experiences has given me a slightly different artistic viewpoint on the world and I am happiest when I am exploring somewhere with my camera trying to capture it from a unique perspective or sitting in a coffee shop writing away. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do and would love to hear comments and feedback.

Connect with Phil on Twitter or enjoy more of his photos on Facebook.

Zsuzsa Bakonyi ’la pogacia’, guest blogger & photographer - view all posts by Zsuzsa

I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I took my photographic passion seriously from 2009. I learnt photography on my own, guided for periods by masters like a philosophy teacher, painter and poet friends, architecture, books and photographers. My artistic vision was greatly influenced by the Intermedia Faculty at the Budapest Art University where I took a  preparatory course. My eclectic activity is deeply connected to the many countries I stayed in or traveled to, and to the cultures she got in touch with. I search abstract beauty in every kind of material and try to capture the essence of places, people and moments. I try to mix melancholy with jokes, pointing out something new to the spectator. Come into my world - visit my website and Facebook page.

Zsuzsa can also be found on Twitter.

Phillip Done, guest blogger, teacher & author - view all posts by Phil

After fifteen years of turning jump ropes, singing times tables, and wearing his bathrobe on Pajama Day in California public schools, Phillip Done decided to follow his dream and relocate to Europe. With two suitcases, one guidebook, and zero knowledge of Hungarian, he moved to Budapest in 2000 where he has lived, taught, and torn open care packages from home for most of the last decade. An award winning teacher and international educational consultant, Phillip is the celebrated author of 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny and Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind. To learn more about Phil, his writing, and his adventures in Budapest, visit him at www.anamericaninbudapest.com.

Phil can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Are you passionate about Budapest and Hungary? Do you have a talent for writing or photography? Join our team and become a guest author or photoblogger. Interested? Contact us.

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