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Lucky 13, a New Budapest Tour

Lucky 13, a New Budapest Tour

Posted by: Bogdán Kőrösi03/30/2015

While the number 13 is a symbol of misfortune in many cultures, anyone who is part of this group of 13 can consider themselves lucky indeed. A few days ago I had the chance to participate...


Artisanal Pastry Shops in Budapest

Posted by: Roberta Gyori02/13/2015

Three delicious Budapest pastry shops serving up unique sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, Budapest is definitely the right place for you. The city already features many great cafés and...


Ribboned Carnival Doughnut Recipe

Posted by: Zizi01/21/2015

It's carnival season (farsang) in Hungary and people are celebrating with parties, masquerades and of course, eating and drinking. Similar to most other Hungarian holidays, farsang is also...


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Hungary

Posted by: Roberta Gyori12/27/2014

Hungarian superstitions, customs, traditions and lucky meals. Another year has passed and it's time to forget the past and make a clean start. The traditions surrounding New Year’s Eve...


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Budapest Art Nouveau Tour

Budapest Art Nouveau Tour

Experience the real Budapest and get to know the true culture of the city by taking a guided tour with a unique perspective. Visit the most beautiful Art Nouveau masterpieces of the city.

Get an in depth look at the Art Nouveau movement in Budapest that flourished at the beginning of the 20th century.

Széchenyi Baths

Széchenyi Baths

Aching for a game of water chess? Challenge your travel buddies or some locals to a round in Budapest's largest medicinal bath, also one of Europe's largest public baths. Located in City Park, the Széchenyi Baths boasts 18 pools, 15 of which are spring-fed thermal pools.

Although it may look like a Baroque palace, Széchenyi Baths (Széchenyi fürdő) is a great place to relax and enjoy the healing waters, or to take...

Budapest Top 10

Budapest Top 10

Our Budapest Top 10 lists feature the most popular things to do and see in Budapest. If you only visit Budapest once in your life, we have a list of things that must be on your itinerary. If you're on a budget, we have a list of free things to do in Budapest. We have top 10 lists for families with kids, wine enthusiasts, art lovers, history buffs and more.

Take a dip in one of the city's famous baths, savor the local cuisine, check out some of the cool, funky shops featuring homegrown designs, walk...


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Budapest Events
Happening Now in Budapest

  1. Easter in Budapest

    Apr 4, 2015 - Apr 6, 2015

    Venue: multiple locations

  2. Easter in Buda Castle

    Apr 5, 2015 - Apr 6, 2015

    Venue: Royal Palace - Hunyadi Courtyard and Savoyai Terrace

  3. Budapest Spring Festival

    Apr 10, 2015 - Apr 26, 2015

    Venue: Multiple locations

  4. Titanic International Filmfest

    Apr 10, 2015 - Apr 18, 2015

    Venue: Several 'Art Cinemas', like Uránia, Toldi, Örökmozgó, Puskin

  5. Cherry Blossom Festival in Budapest

    Apr 11, 2015 - Apr 12, 2015

    Venue: Füvészkert Botanical Gardens

  6. Budapest 100

    Apr 18, 2015 - Apr 19, 2015

    Venue: Multiple locations

  7. Budapest Dance Festival

    Apr 22, 2014 - Apr 29, 2014

    Venue: National Dance Theater