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In case you would like to see send some tightly targeted, low cost traffic your way this page is the place to be. We can provide highly-visible placements to reach your potential customers online and in our PDF guides.

Fun (traffic) facts & site stats: In 2014, had 1.8 million unique visitors and over 5 million pageviews. In the first half of 2015, we had 1 million unique visitors and 2.7 million pageviews. 79% of our traffic comes from organic search (unpaid, search engine listings) when people search for specific Budapest & Hungary-related keywords. 10% of our traffic comes from referrals from partner sites, when people are looking for Budapest related information. Most of our visitors are here to research their trip in the planning stage and to find ideas for things to do mid-trip. This means that our audience is highly targeted and your ads will achieve better conversion rates.



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Image-only Ad Placements offers banner ads in two standard sizes, a 125x125 square button and a 300x250 medium rectangle. Both banner types are displayed on all pages across the site. We can provide monthly rates or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) based ad spots, as well as geo targeted advertising specifically tailored to your objectives. All ad units include a free text ad placement in one of our popular downloadable PDF guides for the duration of the campaign. Accepted formats for image-only advertising include .jpeg, .gif., and .png. Discounts for longer advertising commitments are available. If you would like to know more we'll be happy to discuss the details with you. Contact us.

Enhanced Business Listings

For hotels, restaurants, cafés, pubs and nightclubs

Increase your direct business with an Enhanced Listing. Enhanced Business Listings let you add direct links to your website and social networking pages, your contact information and a customizable message. For example, hotel partners can add a special offer or promotion and restaurants may list their latest menu or monthly special to provide a compelling reason for customers to click through to their site and visit their business. Through your own control panel you can update your listing as often as you like, customize your message and set its validity. Our partners with enhanced business listings will also gain additional exposure on high trafficked pages throughout the site. For more information on our Enhanced Business Listings or if your business is not listed on please contact us us directly.