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Experience Hungary by taking a cooking class in Budapest

Chefparade Cooking School
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Learn to Cook Hungarian

A fun way to truly experience Hungary is by taking a cooking class. Hungarian cuisine is rich and famous and you can learn about the main ingredients and master the basics of Hungarian cooking to impress your family and friends back home.

Chefparade Cooking School offers hands-on courses in a modern, cosmopolitan cooking studio set up for up to twelve people. Courses start with a visit to Budapest’s Central Market Hall (optional), guided by the chef. After purchasing the ingredients and learning about the main components, the cooking adventure begins. Classes, start in the morning and run for about four hours. Each class consist of cooking (and eating) a simple three-course meal. It’s a fun way to meet new people and learn about Hungarian culture and traditions. No cooking skills are required. We know it's an awesome class because we tried it ourselves. Chefparade is also a top ranked Budapest activity on Tripadvisor. Oh, and by the way, classes are in English.

Cooking classes

Cooking classes are offered every day when there are enough participants. It's a popular activity so your requested date +/-1 day should be available.
Meet: 9 am - at Fővám tér followed by a shopping tour of Central Market Hall (optional)
Cook: 10 am - cooking classes start with a short overview of the dishes and recipes
Eat: 1 pm - eat what you cooked, hopefully you listened to the instructions carefully

Chefparade's recommendation for a three-course Hungarian menu:
Soup: Sour cherry soup OR Potato soup with sausage
Main: Chicken paprikash OR Mushroom paprikash with 'nokedli'
Dessert: Sponge cake Somló style (with chocolate and vanilla) OR Hungarian crepes OR Sweet cottage cheese dumplings - See additional menu options

Chefparade cooking classes are available in two flavors

  • Standard package: EUR 70 (or USD 89) per person
    The ingredients: cooking ingredients, recipes that you can take with you after the course, chef's help, kitchenware and utensils, use of aprons, refreshments (soft drinks), and of course lunch, the one you cooked
  • Premium upgrade: EUR 39 (or USD 59) per person
    The ingredients: one bottle fine Hungarian wine + one Hungarian Classics cookbook + one Chefparade apron and taxi from Hotel to the market or Chefparade Cooking School

The optional Central Market Hall visit costs EUR 19 (or USD 25) per person and the optional Breakfast + Central Market Hall Tour is EUR 29 (or USD 39) per person. You can bring along a child or even invite a friend to taste your cooking for EUR 19 (or USD 25) per person. Chefparade can also accommodate groups. For a quote, please provide group details in the form below.

New: Chocolate making course

Chefparade's new Chocolate Factory takes you to a world of handcrafted bonbons, truffles and other chocolate treats. To master the techniques, chocolate lovers can now sign up for a hands-on chocolate making course.

  • Chocolate making package: EUR 70 (or USD 89) per person
    The ingredients: cooking ingredients, recipes that you can take with you after the course, chef's help, kitchenware and utensils, use of aprons and refreshments (soft drinks). Classes are 3-3.5 hours long.

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Information for the Cooking Class:

Chefparade menu options

Hungarian Goulash soup - Gulyásleves
Traditional green pea soup - Borsóleves
Potato soup with sour cream and sausage - Tejfölös krumplileves
Sour cherry soup - Meggyleves
Chicken soup with tarragon - Tárkonyos csirke raguleves
'Jókai' bean soup - Jókai bableves

Main dishes:
Hungarian lecsó (green pepper and tomato stew with egg) - Tojásos lecsó
Potato paprikash - Paprikáskrumpli
Deep fried meat loaf with vegetable stew (potato or green pea) - Fasírozott főzelékkel
Chicken or mushroom paprikash with 'nokedli' (home-made dumplings) - Csirke- vagy gombapaprikás nokedlivel
Pasta with cabbage - Káposztástészta
Pasta with potato - Krumplistészta
Pancakes 'Hortobágy' style - Hortobágyi palacsinta

Apple, cherry or poppy seeds pie - Almás, meggyes vagy mákos pite
Hungarian crepes - Palacsinta
Sponge cake Somló style (with chocolate and vanilla) - Somlói galuska
Floating island - Madártej
Gerbeaud - Zserbó
Sweet cottage cheese dumplings with cinamon - Túrógombóc
Apple strudel - Almás rétes

Chefparade's Address

Páva utca 13, Budapest 1094

Getting there:
If you join the market tour, take streetcars 2, 47 or 49 to Fővám tér.
If you are taking the class only, take streetcars 4 or 6 to Mester utca. Walk three blocks on Mester utca to Páva utca.

Chefparade Cooking School Reviews

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  • 5.00
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  • Picture of Vagabond Vagabond 03/15/2012 54321

    We were there last summer with friends and Chefparade turned out to be a great experience and a nice start for our visit to Hungary. We signed up for the whole package, including a visit to the Great Market, which is a fascinating place. I definitely recommend this pre-cooking tour as it’s very informative with some insights into Hungarian cuisine and culture. The cooking was held in a fully-equipped professional kitchen. Our cooking selection included ‘Paprikáscsirke nokedlivel’ (Chicken Paprika with dumplings), a very traditional Hungarian dish. All in all, we had a lovely time, it was engaging and fun and our creations were delicious! Highly recommended.

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