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Budapest Bike Breeze
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Wheels & meals tour
Bike tour
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Wine tasting tour

Budapest Bike Breeze offers guided bicycle tours that let visitors experience all the sights Budapest is famous for, including some of the city's hidden treasures. Tours run in small groups on carefully chosen routes (bike lanes, parks and car-free streets), which also makes them ideal for families with kids. Taking a bike tour is an exciting, active, fun and carbon-free way to discover Budapest. Budapest Bike Breeze's young and passionate guides will show you how bike friendly the city is.

Other signature tours offered by the Budapest Bike Breeze team are kick scooter tours, canoe tours and wine tasting tours. All tours are environmentally friendly (except the wine tasting tour, where transportation is by car/van). Thanks to their dedication, Budapest Bike Breeze is ranked amongst the top 10 tours in Budapest on Tripadvisor.

Budapest Bike Breeze Reviews

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  • Picture of Prashant Prashant 05/10/2013 54321

    The best if you have a kid!

    Buda-Pest is not a city to be seen from a hop-in-hop off need to be on foot. Every street in the city has a story of its own. SO if you are visitng the city with kids, then the bike tour is the best option to cover the city.

    We had a wonderful guide. She was very knowledgable and had many stories to share with us. All-in-all it was a time worth spent!

  • Picture of Matt Matt 04/08/2013 54321

    Great bike tour of Budapest!
    My sons, ages 10 & 9, & I had a great time on the bike tour of Budapest. The pace was perfect & allowed time for more than enough pictures. The tour guide also gave us ideas for places to visit after the bike tour was complete. We definitely recommend this tour to anyone wishing to experience Budapest by bike!

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