Wine Regions in Hungary

Hungarian is one of only two European languages, which has its own word for ‘wine’ (bor) that is not derived from Latin. This means that the ancient Magyars already had contact with grapes and wine over a thousand years ago. The climate and the soil are perfect for wine making in Hungary and this small country embraces 22 wine regions, each with a different microclimate producing different tastes and styles.

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  • Etyek-Buda

    Known for making sparkling wines Etyek-Buda Wine Region

  • Tokaj

    Famous for its white dessert wines Tokaj Wine Region

  • Eger

    Home to the legendary 'Bull's Blood' Eger Wine Region

  • Villány

    Hungary’s most southern wine region Villány Wine Region

  • Szekszárd

    Famous for its full-bodied and spicy reds Szekszárd Wine Region

  • Badacsony

    Quality wines accompanied by the beautiful scenery Badacsony Wine Region

  • Balatonfüred-Csopak

    White grapes dominate by Lake Balaton Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region

  • Balatonboglár

    Balatonboglár is known for its champagne production Balatonboglár Wine Region

  • Balaton-felvidék

    Rich history, volcanic soil & full-bodied whites Balaton-felvidék Wine Region

  • Ászár-Neszmély

    This region produces excellent white wines Ászár-Neszmély Wine Region

  • Mór

    Mór is known for an indigenous variety called... Mór Wine Region

  • Pannonhalma

    The smallest wine region in Hungary Pannonhalma Wine Region

  • Somló

    Full-bodied whites are produced on the volcanic soil Somló Wine Region

  • Sopron

    The capital of Kékfrankos (Blue Frankish) Sopron Wine Region

  • Zala

    Italian Riesling dominates in the Zala region Zala Wine Region

  • Mátra

    Vineyards in the foothills of Hungary's highest... Mátra Wine Region

  • Bükkalja

    Bükkalja is predominantly known for its whites Bükkalja Wine Region

  • Pécs

    Known for its fragrant & spicy whites and champagnes Pécs Wine Region

  • Tolna

    Known for Györköny with its traditional cellars Tolna Wine Region

  • Hajós-Baja

    Located in the southwestern part of the Great Plains Hajós-Baja Wine Region

  • Csongrád

    The sunniest wine region in Hungary Csongrád Wine Region

  • Kunság

    Hungary's largest wine region is located in the... Kunság Wine Region

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Wine Tours in Hungary

Tokaj, Villány & Szekszárd, Eger and the wine regions around Lake Balaton (Badacsony, Balatonfüred-Csopak) are the most suitable for wine tourism in Hungary. These regions are within easy reach of Budapest, offer excellent quality wine and have a well-developed tourism infrastructure. In addition the wineries and cellar doors in several towns and villages are conveniently clustered together for easy access. If you are touring the Hungarian countryside, other wine regions such as Pannonhalma, Somló, Sopron and Neszmély are definitely worth a detour. Altogether, visiting a wine region in Hungary can be quite a treat and wine tours are sure to grow in popularity as the word gets out. Stay at one of the local pensions or vineyard lodgings, soothe your soul with vino-therapeutic spa treatments, wine taste all afternoon and discover the up-and-coming restaurant scene in the evening.

Wine Regions in Hungary

Cellars at Villánykövesd

There are several ways to tour Hungary’s wine regions. You can plan your own trip or join a wine tour. Taste Hungary offers scheduled day trips or personalized wine tours lasting from one-day to week-long trips, exploring Hungary’s top wine regions. For a truly unique experience we can highly recommend Taste Hungary’s expertly designed tours.

For more tips on wine tours see our post on wine tourism in Hungary.

Wine Regions for a Day Trip

To get away from the hustle and bustle of Budapest consider a day trip to the Etyek-Buda wine region for a change of pace. Although many of Hungary’s wine regions are within a few hours’ drive from Budapest, Etyek-Buda is the closest and most suitable for a day trip. Mix it up a little by taking a Trabant tour that includes dinner and wine tasting in Etyek. After learning how to drive a Trabant, adventurous types can drive themselves to the Rókusfalvy Winery for wine tasting, a winery and cellar visit and dinner. Not only do you get to drive this two-stroke marvel of socialism, you don’t have to worry about a designated driver on the way back either.

To learn more about Hungarian wine, including Hungary's lengthy wine history, check out Hungarian Wine - Quality Rediscovered.

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