Explore Budapest

Budapest's charm is found in the city's perfect blend of old and modern

Jam-packed with thermal baths, museums, nightclubs and restaurants, visitors will find that the perpetual problem with touring Budapest is not finding things to do; it's finding the time to do them all.

Budapest Local Secrets

We've got the inside scoop on Budapest's local secrets, so you can take to the streets and experience the city off the beaten path. Do as the locals do – there's plenty of Budapest to see beyond the traditional tourist routes, and here are a few recommendations. Surround yourself with beautiful townhouses and fresh flowers in the Károlyi Gardens, visit WAMP, Budapest's monthly design market, discover the palace neighborhood in District 8, join a unique Budapest tour offered by locals, or find a one-of-a-kind treasure at the Ecseri Flea Market.

Budapest Travel Guide

Our Budapest guide has all the information you'll need to discover the city's many main attractions, including the Budapest Opera, the Parliament Building, Buda Castle Hill, Andrássy Avenue and so much more. If you need more inspiration check out our themed collections: World Heritage Sites, Jewish Heritage, Budapest's Architecture, Budapest's Parks and Caves and Budapest's History. Traveling with children? Don't pull your hair out yet – Budapest also offers plenty of tourist options that are kid-friendly.

Budapest Tours & Activities

Budapest is filled with must-sees and must-dos, so you might have a hard time choosing between the many attractions. Follow along one of our suggested walking tours or join a guided sightseeing tour to see the best of Budapest. Choose from a number of fun activities, visit one of the thermal baths, take a Danube cruise, spend a day shopping at one of the city's many malls and markets or consider visiting the charming towns that surround Budapest, including Szentendre and Esztergom. Visit the countryside and you'll find that the rest of Hungary is just as impressive as its capital city. 

Art, Entertainment, Hungarian Culture

You'll never be strapped for things to do while staying in Budapest. Culture-seekers can indulge in the city's many art galleries, museums and heritage sites, while music lovers will want to enjoy a performance at the famous Budapest Opera or one of the city's concert halls. After a day of soaking up the excitement of the city, immerse yourself in Budapest's diverse and vibrant nightlife. Join a Wine Bar Tour or check out Pest by night and go beyond the guidebooks.

Budapest Restaurants

Hungarians are passionate about their food, they relish eating and drinking and Budapest is great for both. Savory aromas and dishes rich with spices make dining in the city a unique cultural experience in itself. There are a plenty of great restaurants to choose from whether you would like to sample the country's traditional dishes or enjoy a variety of international cuisine. Kick off your morning with a cup of fresh espresso in one of the famous Budapest cafés, then try a bowl of Goulash soup for lunch at a traditional Hungarian restaurant – both musts if you're dining in Hungary's capital. Experience Budapest’s restaurant revolution in one of the best eateries recognized by Michelin Guide, or check out our restaurant recommendations for a romantic night out in Budapest.

Budapest Events

Budapest is a city for all seasons. There is always something happening: concerts, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, national celebrations and several sporting events offer year round entertainment. Find your favorite Budapest event and add it to your calendar with a single click.