Légli Winery

The 2010 Winemaker of the Year in Hungary

Wine Region:Balatonboglár

Types of wines:Italian Riesling, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Hárslevelu, Muscat Ottonel, Irsai Olivér, Királyleányka, Rose

About the Légli Winery

Winery features: Meeting space available, Tasting room, Wine shop, Open for wine tasting

Reservations: For wine tasting it’s best to make an appointment a few days prior to your planned visit.

Notes: The winery is open all year to visitors on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Ottó Légli’s winery on the southern shores of Lake Balaton produces primarily white wines, with the exception of one rose. Italian Riesling, Chardonnay and Riesling are the main varieties. The winery produces the full spectrum of whites from refreshing, fruity lights to full bodied creamy wines.

Ottó Légli opened his winery in 1989. Légli’s is an interesting story of perseverance that started with peaches. According to the winemaker, his peaches paid for his first hectare of vineyard. In order to be able to finance his ambition to open a winery Légli had to sell peaches from the local orchards. Today, the winery grows grapes on 33 hectares of land spread out over the south Balaton’s most fertile slopes, producing approximately 100,000 bottles of wine annually. Légli wines have developed an excellent reputation over the years and Ottó Légli was recently named the ‘2010 Winemaker of the year’.

Must-buy Wines

Légli 333 2010
A refreshing, light cuvée, which receives its name after the 333rd day of each year when it makes its début as the season’s new wine. The harmonious blend is based on Irsai Olivér and Muscat Ottonel complemented by Zenit and Rizlingszilváni.

The winery only produces about 2,000 cases of the 333 each year, which sell out quickly.

Légli Olaszrizling 2008
Légli’s signature wine, made from Italian Riesling (Olaszrizling), is aged in oak barrels. It’s a fresh, fruity white with a pleasant composition and a nice aroma. The 2008 Légli Olaszrizling from the Banyászó slopes is also the vintner’s favorite wine.

Aging: 7 months in oak barrels

Gesztenyés Riesling 2007
A late harvested Riesling selection from the Gesztenyés slopes. Aged in oak barrels this wine is an elegant white featuring Riesling’s pleasant acidity and aroma.

Aging: 7 months in oak barrels

Landord 2007
A Chardonnay selection made from the best grapes only. This full-bodied white, both fruity and creamy at the same time with elegant flavors, has become the benchmark Chardonnay in Hungary.

Aging: in small Hungarian oak barrels

Légli Wines Abroad

90% of the wine produced by the Légli Winery is sold domestically. The remaining 10% is exported to England, the US and Slovenia.

Directions and Contact Info

Getting there: The wine shop and the wine tasting room are located in the city center of Balatonboglár.

Wine shop & wine tasting contact: info@legliotto.hu
Phone: (+36-30) 226-6917 or (+36-30) 496-8047

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