Balaton-felvidék Wine Region

Rich history, volcanic soil & full-bodied whites

Balaton-felvidék Wine Region

The Balaton-felvidék (Balaton Highlands) wine region is located in the northwestern part of Lake Balaton on the southern slopes of the volcanic hills between the Káli Basin and Aszófo. Although situated a bit further away from Lake Balaton, the climate is mostly determined by the proximity of this large body of water. Viniculture dates back to Roman times in the Balaton-felvidék region. This area is rich in white varieties producing elegant white wines with pleasant acidity and aromas.

Grape Varieties

Predominantly Pinot Gris (Szürkebarát) and Italian Riesling (Olaszrizling) are grown in the Balaton-felvidék region. Other varieties include Rizlingszilváni, Chardonnay, Ottonel Muskotály (Muscat Ottonel), Rajnai rizling, Zöld Veltelini (Green Veltelini) and Tramini.

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