Badacsony Wine Region

Quality wines accompanied by the beautiful scenery

Badacsony Wine Region

Perhaps the most famous wine region around Lake Balaton is Badacsony, where Cistercian monks planted the first vines on the slopes in 1375. Thanks to the volcanic mountains, Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean lake effects, white grapes dominate, and wines produced here are full-bodied with high acidity. The main component is Pinot Gris, the grape Hungarians call Szürkebarát, which means "grey monk". In Badacsony the quality of the wines is accompanied by the beauty of the scenery.

Grape Varieties

Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling) is the most planted variety and Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) is the most famous. Chardonnay is also grown here. Badacsony is also home to an indigenous variety called Kéknyelű. This white gives a strong, masculine touch, emphasizing the minerals of the volcanic soil.

Badacsony Wines

Pinot Gris, Olaszrizling

Badacsony Wineries

Szeremley, Németh

Wine Tourism

A trip to Badacsony, the iconic symbol of Lake Balaton, is fun any time of the year. Still, one of the best times to visit is during the 'Badacsony Wine Weeks' (Badacsonyi Borhetek), held in Badacsonytomaj every July. Many small, family owned wineries participate in the program and it's a great opportunity to taste the local varieties.

Getting there from Budapest

Lake Balaton is about an hour's drive from Budapest. Highway M7 is the quickest. To get to the north shore take the exit from highway M7 to route 71 and towards Balatonfüred. Trains run from Budapest's Déli Railway Station to all main resort destinations. Buses leave from the Népliget bus terminal.

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  • Picture of Roberta Gyori Roberta Gyori 04/09/2014 54321

    Re: Kay Luo
    The Badacsony Wine Region consists of several smaller towns and villages located on and around Badacsony Hill. Badacsonytomaj, Badacsony and Szigliget are probably the most visited. The vineyards and most wineries are located on the slopes of the hill. You can get to Badacsony by train or bus. Trains run from Budapest’s Déli Railway Station and buses leave from the Népliget bus terminal. Once in Badacsony, there is a hop-on-hop-of bus service that takes you through the region.

  • Picture of Kay Luo Kay Luo 04/07/2014 32121

    Hi, can I know how can I get to here from Budapest by public transportation and stop I need to get off. and also want to know after getting off, how long to walk to Badacsony wine region?Thanks.

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