Design Week afterparties in the Jewish Quarter

Posted: 3 Oct, 2012 04:18 PM  
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The Jewish Quarter of Pest is of course a historic neighborhood with rich heritage worth exploring in itself. But did you know that it is one of the city’s most progressive, fashionable and artistically inclined areas. It boasts a number of art shops, ruin pubs and galleries, so it will not come as surprise that the Gozsdu Mano Klub, located on Kiraly Street by the Gozsdu Courtyard will be hosting this Design Week’s afterparties every night through Friday (oct 5.)

Jewish Quarter Today

If you’re in Budapest this week you may want to catch some of the programs and exhibition of Design Week 2012. This year’s mottto is “Slow Design” participants encourage consumers to slow down and take the time to enjoy life. The eponymous exhibit in the Design Terminal will be open to the public until the 28th of October. For more information on this interesting, lifestyle themed art show visit:

Tomorrow (oct 4) Inke Hans and Fabio Novembre will be giving lectures at the Moholy Nagy Laszlo University of Applied Arts.

This year Design Week Budapest thought of those design lovers who like to party into the night. The unique thing about the series of afterparties held at Gozsdu Mano Klub in Király Street is that each evening of audiovisual live acts is dedicated to a certain area of applied art. This evening DJ BOOTSIE FEAT. VÁZSONYI JÁNOS DJ SET WITH SPECIAL GUEST JULI KÁLDY will be interpreting fashion design in musical and visual form. tomorrow evening “TELEP VIBE”: SOULCLAP BUDAPEST DJZ & FAUN PROJECT will be paying tribute to product design with their performance.

Gozsdu Mano Klub

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