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Posted: 1 Nov, 2010 04:28 PM  
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I’m looking for a book on Budapest, which gives more of an insight than a usual guide book. Any recommendations?

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Welcome to the forums, Doni!

There are three books, I would recommend:

Budapest, a Critical Guide - by Andras Torok. This book introduces the city through different walking tours, paying attention to every detail on the way with lots of (fun) facts and behind the scenes information.

Food, Wine, Budapest - by Carolyn Banfalvi. The book is about Hungarian gastronomy interwoven with history and culture, guiding readers from traditional Hungarian dishes and Hungarian wine to Budapest’s restaurants and markets.

Every Statue Tells a Story - by Bob Dent. This book introduces the city and its history through the various statues, sculptures and monuments.

Let me know if you had any other question.

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Great, thanks for the info.

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