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We were in Budapest about 6 years ago and we loved it. We are planning to go back and would like to add some other cities outside of Budapest to our itinerary. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forums, Sarah!

Here are some ideas:

Pécs - A Mediterranean city in the south, with cobblestone streets and outdoor cafes. 2010 is an excellent year to visit Pécs, as the city was selected to be the European Capital of Culture. The famous Villány wine region is just south of the city.

Eger - A historical town with a castle, a cathedral, Turkish and Baroque architecture and a wine region, known for its ‘Bulls Blood’.

Gyor - A city with beautiful Baroque mansions, located halfway between Budapest and Vienna.

There are much more cities worth visiting, please find some additional ideas here: Budapest Vicinity, Trips to the Countryside, European Side Trips.

Let me know if you had any other questions,

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