Quirky men’s clothes shopping in Budapest

Posted: 22 Jun, 2015 02:22 PM  
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Szia! I was recently in Berlin and chose not to buy a pair of trousers, because I reckoned Budapest would be better in terms of style and choice (I personally think Berlin is a bit overrated, but that is for another topic!).

But I have not found any good places to shop yet. I have been to West End City Center, which is a bit typical “shopping mall”. Andrassy is all the designer names like Armani which, in my opinion, do not usually make good clothes!

I have not managed to explore Budapest enough, but would Kiraly utca be the place I am looking for? What I want is a very good pair of trousers that are like jeans, only something a bit more spectacular (quirky, unique, but not completely OTT, something you might wear to get noticed at a gallery opening, that sort of thing…)

I also noticed many office workers here just wear shirts and quite tight “good” pairs of trousers, I wonder where they go to buy these? They are a bit more sober, but I like them also. Very figure-hugging.

Final question re men’s clothing in Budapest: is there a large store (thinking the equivalent of KDW or Galeria Kaufhof in Berlin) where you can go to choose from a large selection of branded u/wear (Calvin Klein, etc)?

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