Please help me with the weather!!!

Posted: 16 Sep, 2013 08:00 AM  
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Hi! I will visit Budapest next week from Tuesday to Saturday with my husband and we will bring our 3 years old boy with us, who is getting sick with just a blow of the wind. Some friends of us made me very worried by telling us that it is very cold now in Budapest and especially during night and that we are going to need heavy clothes (especially for the baby) and jackets. They even told me that now in Budapest it is like the winter in our country (I come from Cyprus). I looked in internet for weather forecasts and it says that it will be around 19-9 which is actually the temperatures we have during December. Is it really so cold? What kind of clothes shall we bring with us, especially for the baby? Thank you from a very worried mother smile

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Welcome to the forums, Stalw. Fall temperatures can stay around 20°C during the day until the end of October, however nights get colder. So, be sure to bring some warm sweaters and jackets. You can check our 7-day Budapest weather forecast here. Enjoy Budapest!

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