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Lake Balaton

Why visit: freshwater lake, water sports, beaches, sightseeing, wineries Things to Do and See at Lake Balaton Since Hungary more

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Pécs & Villány

Why visit: Zsolnay ceramics, Turkish architecture, World Heritage Site, Mediterranean ambiance, red wine Things to Do and See in more

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Famous Hungarian Wines

You'll always want your glass half full during your stay in Hungary... Hungary's climate and soil are more

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Why visit: Turkish and Baroque architecture, cathedral, Castle of Eger, Bull’s Blood of Eger Things to Do more

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Budapest Wine Festival

Over the past years the Budapest Wine Festival has truly come of age and is now one of the more

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Festival of Folk Arts

The Festival of Folk Arts (Mesterségek Ünnepe) brings the finest Hungarian craftsmen and their work to more

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Etyek Cellar Festival

Considered to be one of the youngest wine-growing regions in the country, the Etyek wine region is located 30km more

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Budapest Spring Wine & Jazz Festival

In 2011 the annual Spring Wine & Jazz Festival, the 6th in the row, will be held at the main more

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Win Tickets to the Wine Festival

The 2010 Budapest Wine Festival is just around the corner and we are giving away day passes throughout July and more

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Andante Borpatika

Andante Borpatika is a stylish wine bar serving Hungarian wine and a choice selection of cold and hot meals ( more

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Borbíróság Restaurant

Borbíróság Restaurant, located behind the Central Market Hall, is a casual place with more

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Food Wine Budapest, a Terroir Guide - Review

Even in today's digital age it’s great to have a good book to accompany you on more

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Hidden in Hungary, Treasures on the Vine

I love the Tokaj region of Hungary, famous for it's sweet aszu's and white wines, and Evan Rails' more

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Famous Wine Regions in Hungary

What Hungary lacks in size, it makes up for in wine The small country embraces 22 wine regions, which produce reds, more

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Wine Shops in Budapest

Shopping for wine? There are plenty of wine shops in Budapest stocking great Hungarian vintages and wine bars are more

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Wine Regions in Hungary

Wine Tours in Hungary Tokaj, Villány & Szekszárd, Eger and the wine regions around Lake Balaton more

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Villány Wine Region

Villány is one of Hungary’s top wine regions, known for its reds and rosé more

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Wineries in Hungary

Hungarian wineries are now producing wines that can rival the best of Bordeaux. The most successful wines are the more

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Takler Winery

The Takler family settled in the Szekszárd region about 300 years ago and has been making wine ever since, more

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Bock Winery

The Bock family’s ancestors have been making wine for nine generations in the Villány region more

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Vylyan Winery

The Vylyan Winery was established in 1992. The name Vylyan, inspired by a 15th century manuscript referring to Villány, more

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Wunderlich Winery

This modern, state-of-the-art winery mixes cutting edge technologies with traditional wine making techniques. It’s a joint venture more

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Szekszárd Wine Region

Famous for its full-bodied and spicy reds, the Szekszárd wine region is one of the oldest red-wine-growing more

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Tokaj Wine Region

Tokaj is part of the World Heritage Sites, as well as Hungary’s best-known wine region, famous for more

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Eger Wine Region

The Eger region is home to the legendary 'Bull's Blood of Eger' (Egri Bikavér), perhaps the more

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Badacsony Wine Region

Perhaps the most famous wine region around Lake Balaton is Badacsony, where Cistercian monks planted the first vines on more

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Etyek-Buda Wine Region

In the 18th century Buda was an important center of wine making. Today, the wine growing region stretches south more

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Mór Wine Region

Mór is known for one indigenous variety, called Ezerjó, which makes a dry white wine with more

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Pannonhalma Wine Region

Pannonhalma is the smallest wine region in Hungary with the longest wine-making tradition. Grapes have been grown on the more

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Ászár-Neszmély Wine Region

The Ászár-Neszmély region lies in the north of Hungary on the slopes of the more

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Sopron Wine Region

The Sopron wine region is one of the oldest wine growing regions in Hungary. The wine growing and wine more

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Balatonboglár Wine Region

Similar to the other wine regions around Lake Balaton, the region’s microclimate is determined by the proximity more

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Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region

According to archeological finds, winemaking traditions in the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region can be traced back to 2nd and more

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Pécs Wine Region

Throughout history Pécs has been an important stop along major trade routes. The Pécs wine more

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Zala Wine Region

Located in Zala County and known today as the Balatonmelléke or Balaton Wine Region, this is one more

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Somló Wine Region

Hungary’s smallest wine region lies on the slopes of the Somló Mountain. Vineyards encircle this almost symmetrical, more

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Tolna Wine Region

Tolna became an independent wine region in 1977, making it one of Hungary's youngest wine regions. Viniculture in the more

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Mátra Wine Region

The Mátra wine region is located about 80 kilometers from Budapest on the southern slopes of the Má more

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Bükkalja Wine Region

The Bükk Mountain range is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in Hungary. In addition to more

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Balaton-felvidék Wine Region

The Balaton-felvidék (Balaton Highlands) wine region is located in the northwestern part of Lake Balaton on the more

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Kunság Wine Region

Hungary's biggest wine region encompasses 97 towns and villages and covers approximately 24,400 hectares of land in the Great Plains. more

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Csongrád Wine Region

With around 2,000 hours of sunshine annually, Csongrád is the sunniest wine region in Hungary. Despite the abundant more

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Hajós-Baja Wine Region

The Hajós-Baja wine region is located in the southern lowlands of the Danube. Its climate is characterized more

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Vesztergombi Winery

According to written documents found in the 18th century the Vesztergombi family has been growing grapes and making wine more

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Mulled Wine

A traditional winter drink recipe It’s the beginning of the holiday season, Christmas markets and cold winter more

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Légli Winery

Ottó Légli’s winery on the southern shores of Lake Balaton produces primarily white wines, more

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Garamvári Winery

The family owned and operated Garamvári Vineyard is located in Balatonlelle, on the southern shores of Lake more

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Taste Hungary

Taste Hungary is a tour company, which is passionate about introducing the foods and wines of Hungary to travelers. more

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House of Hungarian Wines - Buda Castle

If you don't have the time to visit a Hungarian winery, the House of Hungarian Wines - Buda Castle more

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Palace Quarter Picnic (Palota Piknik)

Palace Quarter Picnic (Palota Piknik) introduces the diversity of the 8th District trough wine, food and culture. Ten well more

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DiVino Wine Bar

DiVino is one of the newest wine bar/wine shops in Budapest. Brought to you by the same people more

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Drop Shop Wine Bar

Drop Shop Wine Bar offers over 60 different wines daily for tasting, including a good selection of Hungarian wine from more

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Budai Gourmet - Gourmet Festival

Gourmet Festival (formerly known as Budai Gourmet) is a gastro festival brought to you by the people behind Sziget more

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Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

Whether you're new to wine travel or a discriminating wine aficionado, there are several wine regions in Hungary more

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Why visit: wine tasting, wine festival, Korda Filmpark Things to Do and See in Etyek The small village of Etyek, more

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Live from the 2011 Budapest International Wine Festival

Celebrating 20 years of great vintages in Budapest Hungarians are passionate about wine. Did you know that Hungary has 22 wine more

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Bábel is a cozy gourmet restaurant located in Budapest's famous Váci Street. Named after more

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Hungarian Wine - Quality Rediscovered

Good wine needs no label.? This proverb is probably as old as wine making itself. If wine gets better more

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Borkonyha (Winekitchen) is one of the newest additions to the Budapest restaurant scene. It's a modern bistro with more

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New Wine and Cheese Festival

It's time to taste the season's first new wines! Winemakers from all over Hungary proudly show off more

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Le Bourbon

Le Bourbon is Le Meridien's brasserie-style French restaurant. Expect Parisian-style fine dining with a wide selection of fresh more

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This small and colorful wine bar and wine shop is not dedicated to the spicy Kadarka grape as the more

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Doblo Wine Bar

Doblo Wine Bar offers Hungarian and international varieties, including sparkling wines and some Hungarian fruit brandies (pálinka) more

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Gőzölgő Festival, Budapest

Budapest's new winter gastro festival in Erzsébet tér Budapest hosts a number of lively more

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Innio Wine Bar

Innio is one of the hippest places to sip wine in Budapest. A Hungarian selection complemented by a number more

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VinCE Budapest

VinCE Budapest 2018 promises to be a great wine event for professionals and amateur wine lovers alike. The primary focus more

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Balaton Region Wine Festival

Thirty winemakers from the Balaton wine region will showcase more than 150 types of reds and whites in Erzsé more

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Budapest’s Best Wine Bars

No question about it, Budapest's wine-bar-scene is thriving with new wine bars opening faster than Starbucks, at least more

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Time for Wine Festival

About two dozen wine makers from all over Hungary will showcase their best vintages in Erzsébet té more

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Culinary Hungary

Fancy a private Hungarian cooking class in an authentic Hungarian home? Join Culinary Hungary's hands-on home cooking classes more

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Lecsófröccs Festival

Lecsófröccs Festival is dedicated to a popular Hungarian summer food, lecsó (vegetable stew) and more

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Sarki Fűszeres

Sarki Fűszeres is the charming corner store you wish you had in your neighborhood. It's a grocery more

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Egykettő Wine Bistro

Egykettő specializes in Hungarian wine and bistro style food. It's somewhere between an upscale restaurant and a casual more

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13 Reasons to Visit Budapest in 2013

Thank goodness the world survived the end of the Mayan calendar, because 2013 is shaping up to be a great more

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Borjour Magnum

Borjour Magnum is the largest indoor wine-tasting event of the year in Budapest. Over 150 winemakers will showcase more than 500 more

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Rosalia - Rosé Festival

Brought to you by the organizers of the prestigious Budapest International Wine Festival, Rosalia is Hungary's only festival more

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Palack Wine Bar

This chic, loft-style wine and tapas bar in Szent Gellért tér offers an always changing more

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The open-air Fröccsterasz in Erzsébet tér serves all kinds of wine spritzers (frö more

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It’s ‘Fröccs’ Season in Budapest

Fröccs, red or white wine mixed with soda water, is a popular summer drink. Also known as more

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Bubble Festival

The second annual Bubble Festival is all about bubbly drinks - sparkling wines, Champagnes and sparkling cocktails. Visitors can more

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St. Martin’s Day Festival

This annual goose & wine themed cultural festival at Vajdahunyad Castle is always held on or around November 11th, more

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Live from the 2014 Gourmet Festival

Gourmet Festival is an annual gastronomic celebration that brings together some of the finest chefs from Hungary, along with more

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CultiVini, "Hungary's Premium Wine Tasting Experience", is a wine bar, wine shop, and wine gallery all in one. more

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‘Junibor’ Wine Festival

‘Junibor’ is an annual celebration dedicated to Hungary’s young winemakers and their wines. In 2016, visitors more

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St. Martin’s Day in Hungary

Geese and New Wine November 11th is St. Martin’s Day in Hungary (Márton nap), a more

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The Tasting Table

The Tasting Table is a combination of a wine shop, wine bar, and education center. Located in the eight more

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Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival

The annual Champagne and Wine Festival takes place in Budafok, home to a vast cellar system and known for more

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