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Museum of Hungarian Agriculture

Why visit: biggest collection in Europe, City Park The Museum of Hungarian Agriculture is the biggest museum of its more

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Palace of Miracles

Why visit: child friendly, unique interactive exhibition Getting there: Take bus No. 33, 33E, 233E or take the train from more

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Museum of Aquincum

Why visit: history, architecture, Roman ruins   Getting there: Take the HÉV (suburban railway) from Batthiá more

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Budapest History Museum

Why visit: history of Budapest, medieval ruins, Castle Hill The Budapest History Museum (Budapesti Történeti more

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Memento Park - Statue Park

Why visit: history, Communist past, unique collection Memento Park, a Communist-themed outdoor museum located just outside Budapest, is a more

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Jewish Museum

Why visit: Jewish heritage, Great Synagogue Getting there: Take subway (M2) or streetcar 47 or 49 to Astoria, which is the more

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House of Terror

Why visit: history, Communist past The House of Terror Museum commemorates the victims of both the Communist and the more

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Hungarian National Museum

Why visit: history of Hungary, Neo-Classicist architecture, beautiful garden The Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum) is more

tags: city center history culture museum classicist architecture

Ernst Museum & Gallery

Why visit: 20th century Hungarian art Getting there: Take the Millennium Underground (M1) to Opera or Oktogon stations Ernst more

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Museum of Applied Arts

Why visit: Hungarian Art Nouveau, works from the Esterházy-treasury, Tiffany and Zsolnay The Museum of Applied Arts (Iparmű more

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Why visit: contemporary art, architecture Getting there: Take the Millennium Underground (M1) to Heroes' Square The Kunsthalle (Hall of more

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Mai Manó House of Photography

Why visit: photo exhibitions, architecture, Hungarian photography, bookshop Purchased in 1892 and rebuilt in 1894 as a photo studio, the Mai more

tags: pest side city center art museum

Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

Why visit: contemporary art Getting to the Ludwig Museum: Take the Suburban Railway (HÉV) from Borá more

tags: pest side culture art contemporary art museum

Hungarian National Gallery

Why visit: fine arts, Castle Hill, Hungarian painting Exhibitions in the National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galéria) feature more

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Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is closed for renovations. The reopening is planned for March 2018. Why visit: art history, more

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Stamp Museum

Why visit: one of the largest stamp collections Getting there: Take the Millenium Underground (M1) to Oktogon, or Streetcars 4 or more

tags: city center museum

Museum of Transport

Why visit: history, original Junkers F13 The Museum of Transport features large-scale models of various kinds of historic vehicles, more

tags: pest side child friendly museum city park

Arany Sas Pharmacy Museum

Why visit: history, architecture The building of the Arany Sas Pharmacy Museum had given home to the first pharmacy more

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Underground Museum

Why visit: history, vintage train carriages The first subway line in continental Europe opened in 1896 in Budapest. The history more

tags: child friendly city center museum

Hungarian Natural History Museum

Why visit: interactive exhibition, family friendly The winner of multiple 'family-friendly' and 'visitor-friendly' awards (in 2005, 2006 and 2007), this museum is more

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Museum of Ethnography

Why visit: Hungarian culture, folk traditions, the beautiful architecture of the building The grandiose Neo-Renaissance palace that houses the more

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The Night of the Museums

Have a sleepover with history; spend the night at Budapest's museums and find out if museums really do more

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The House of Hungarian Art Nouveau

Why visit: Hungarian Art Nouveau, Architecture The House of Hungarian Art Nouveau (A Magyar Szecesszió Háza) more

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Bartók Memorial House

Why visit: music history, art & culture The former house of Béla Bartók (1881-1945), a more

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Hungarian Railway Museum

Why visit: railway history, interactive museum, vintage trains & locomotives Getting there: Take bus No. 30 or 30A from Budapest more

tags: child friendly fun activities museum

Kiscelli Museum

Why visit: 20th century Hungarian art, contemporary art exhibits The Kiscelli Museum in Óbuda, built between 1745 and 1760 in more

tags: óbuda art museum

Semmelweis Museum

Why visit: medical curiosities The Semmelweis Medical History Museum, the birthplace of Dr. Semmelweis, showcases the development of western more

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Postal Museum

Note: The Postal Museum recently moved to Benczúr utca 27 and the exhibit is now located in the more

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Hungarian National Bank Visitor Center

Why visit: interest in numismatics The visitor center at the Hungarian National Bank is home to interactive exhibits about more

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Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum

Why visit: music history, piano concerts The Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum is dedicated to the famous Hungarian piano virtuoso, more

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Military History Museum

Why visit: history, military relics Built as an army barrack in the 1830s the Military History Museum displays an more

tags: child friendly castle hill history museum

Museum of Music History

Why visit: music history, concerts The Museum of Music History (Zenetörténeti Múzeum) tells more

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Museum of Electrotechnics

Why visit: history of electrical engineering, the Bauhaus-style transformer station, interactive exhibitions The Museum of Electrotechnics (Magyar Elektrotechnikai Mú more

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Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum

Why visit: history, Castle Hill cave The Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum (Sziklakórház more

tags: local secret museum

Going Underground in Budapest

Our ‘underguide’ to Budapest’s ‘underworld’ From natural caves to cold war bunkers and more

tags: activities castle hill history museum

Holocaust Memorial Center

Why visit: Jewish heritage, history The Holocaust Memorial Center pays tribute to the victims of the Hungarian Holocaust. The complex, more

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Korda Filmpark

Why visit: interactive exhibits on film making, the history of the Hungarian cinema industry, studio and set visits The more

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Zelnik István Southeast Asian Gold Museum

Why visit: treasures from Southeast Asia, precious gold and silver objects The Zelnik István Southeast Asian Gold more

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Festival of Museums

More than 100 museums come together each year in May in the beautiful garden of the Hungarian National Museum to more

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Unique Museums in Budapest

Offbeat treasures and intriguing oddities Budapest is packed with famous museums and galleries, but did you know that the more

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Capa Center

Why visit: photo exhibitions, Art Nouveu architecture Getting there: Take the Millennium Underground (M1) to Opera or Oktogon stations, more

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