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Lake Balaton

Why visit: freshwater lake, water sports, beaches, sightseeing, wineries Things to Do and See at Lake Balaton Since Hungary more

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Pécs & Villány

Why visit: Zsolnay ceramics, Turkish architecture, World Heritage Site, Mediterranean ambiance, red wine Things to Do and See in more

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Lake Hévíz

Why visit: thermal lake, spa, sightseeing, Lake Balaton Things to Do and See at Lake Hévíz more

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Why visit: Open Air Plays of Szeged, Votive Church, Jewish heritage, Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum and Fisherman' more

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Why visit: Baroque mansions and churches, history, sightseeing, ballet performances Things to Do and See in Győr The more

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Why visit: World Heritage Site, folk traditions, one of a kind architecture, Easter Festival Getting to Hollókő more

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Why visit: Turkish and Baroque architecture, cathedral, Castle of Eger, Bull’s Blood of Eger Things to Do more

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Pécs, Hungary’s Borderless City

Pécs in the spotlight as a European Cultural Capital There has never been a better time to more

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Wine Regions in Hungary

Wine Tours in Hungary Tokaj, Villány & Szekszárd, Eger and the wine regions around Lake Balaton more

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Takler Winery

The Takler family settled in the Szekszárd region about 300 years ago and has been making wine ever since, more

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Bock Winery

The Bock family’s ancestors have been making wine for nine generations in the Villány region more

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Vylyan Winery

The Vylyan Winery was established in 1992. The name Vylyan, inspired by a 15th century manuscript referring to Villány, more

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Wunderlich Winery

This modern, state-of-the-art winery mixes cutting edge technologies with traditional wine making techniques. It’s a joint venture more

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Tokaj Wine Region

Tokaj is part of the World Heritage Sites, as well as Hungary’s best-known wine region, famous for more

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Eger Wine Region

The Eger region is home to the legendary 'Bull's Blood of Eger' (Egri Bikavér), perhaps the more

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Badacsony Wine Region

Perhaps the most famous wine region around Lake Balaton is Badacsony, where Cistercian monks planted the first vines on more

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Etyek-Buda Wine Region

In the 18th century Buda was an important center of wine making. Today, the wine growing region stretches south more

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Ászár-Neszmély Wine Region

The Ászár-Neszmély region lies in the north of Hungary on the slopes of the more

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Sopron Wine Region

The Sopron wine region is one of the oldest wine growing regions in Hungary. The wine growing and wine more

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Balatonboglár Wine Region

Similar to the other wine regions around Lake Balaton, the region’s microclimate is determined by the proximity more

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Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region

According to archeological finds, winemaking traditions in the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region can be traced back to 2nd and more

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Pécs Wine Region

Throughout history Pécs has been an important stop along major trade routes. The Pécs wine more

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Zala Wine Region

Located in Zala County and known today as the Balatonmelléke or Balaton Wine Region, this is one more

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Somló Wine Region

Hungary’s smallest wine region lies on the slopes of the Somló Mountain. Vineyards encircle this almost symmetrical, more

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Tolna Wine Region

Tolna became an independent wine region in 1977, making it one of Hungary's youngest wine regions. Viniculture in the more

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Bükkalja Wine Region

The Bükk Mountain range is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in Hungary. In addition to more

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Csongrád Wine Region

With around 2,000 hours of sunshine annually, Csongrád is the sunniest wine region in Hungary. Despite the abundant more

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Légli Winery

Ottó Légli’s winery on the southern shores of Lake Balaton produces primarily white wines, more

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Garamvári Winery

The family owned and operated Garamvári Vineyard is located in Balatonlelle, on the southern shores of Lake more

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Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

Whether you're new to wine travel or a discriminating wine aficionado, there are several wine regions in Hungary more

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Charming Castle Hotels in Hungary

Beautiful scenery, legendary history and a romantic touch Hungary has many castles and mansions that were built by former more

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Must Do Easter Programs in Hungary

Five Traditional Easter Celebrations Updated for 2015 In Hungary Easter (Húsvét) is symbolized by Easter eggs, more

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