Tabán Parish Church and Deer House

Baroque architecture in the Tabán

Tabán Parish Church and Deer House

In the 18th century, the slopes of Gellért Hill were covered with vineyards, and the Tabán, the area between Gellért Hill and Castle Hill, was a vibrant neighborhood. It was an important center of wine making, as well as a popular place of entertainment since many wine cellars also functioned as pubs.

Today, the area mostly consists of parks as many of the old houses were demolished. The Tabán Parish Church, a baroque church with one steeple, built between 1728 and 1740 and the Deer House (Szarvas Ház, built at the beginning of the 18th century), a white, triangular building across the church, which houses the Aranyszarvas Restaurant are the only remaining buildings from that era.

Getting to Tabán Parish Church: Take Streetcar 18, 19 or 41 to Döbrentei tér‎ and take the short walk over to Tabán

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