Statue of Imre Nagy

A symbol of freedom in Hungary

Statue of Imre Nagy

Imre Nagy was Prime Minister of Hungary on two occasions. His second term was during the revolution in 1956, and it ended when his non-Soviet-backed government was brought down during the failed Hungarian Revolution. He was tried and executed in 1958, and buried in an unmarked grave. His name could not to be mentioned during Communism, but he became a symbol of freedom. In 1989, he was reburied. A crowd of 200,000 gathered at Heroes' Square for the funeral. His statue, facing the Parliament Building, is located on a tiny square next to Kossuth Square.

Getting to the Statue of Imre Nagy: Take Subway (M2) or Streetcar 2 to Kossuth Square and take the short walk over to Vértanúk tere

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    We were fortunate to have a Fungarian tour guide who took us to many wonderful places, including this statue. It’s in a beautiful park, and commemorates one of the most important figures in modern Hungarian history. It’s also an impressive piece of artwork.

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