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Traditional Matyó embroidery lives on with its new found popularity in contemporary design. Matyodesign is the creation of two sisters who spent their summers as kids in Tard, one of the famous 'Matyó' villages in Hungary. Their idea was to combine old folk traditions, in this case the unique patterns and techniques of the beautiful Matyó embroidery, with contemporary fashion.

The Matyó embroidery is famous for its colorful, densely patterned designs predominantly decorated with red leaves and flowers. The most well-known, trademark-like Matyó pattern is the rose. The motives used by Matyodesign are all original and the embroidery is hand-made following old folk traditions. This means that the 'soul' of the Matyodesign brand comes from the old ladies in Tard who mastered the Matyó technique passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally, black or white textiles were richly decorated with Matyó embroidery. To appeal to a younger generation Matyodesign breaks the trend by offering a wide range of fashionable colors decorated with a selection of small Matyó design elements taken from the traditional embroidery.

The Matyó people are an ethnic group, who live in Mezőkövesd and its neighboring villages, Tard and Szentistván, in the North East part of Hungary. The name Matyó originates from the 15th century when King Matthias recognized Mezőkövesd as a 'Free Royal Town'. For its unique culture and rich folk traditions, Mezőkövesd and its neighboring villages are up for consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For a truly unique hand-made gift that doesn't look like it comes from the souvenir vendors in Váci Street, consider Matyodesign. They have a small selection of products in their showroom or you can order online, but keep in mind that all Matyodesign items are hand-made and may take some time to deliver. You won't be disappointed, I love my Matyodesign t-shirt.

Showroom: XD Design & Souvenir, Régiposta utca 7-9, District 5, 10am to 6pm daily

Matyodesign products are also available at the Insitu Design Shop (Múzeum krt. 7), the Memories of Hungary gift shop (Hercegprímás utca 8 and Budapest Airport T2) and the Palmetta Design Gallery in Szentendre (Bogdányi utca 14).

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