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Insitu Design Shop is unique in a number of ways. Located in a building designed by Miklos Ybl, a famous Hungarian architect, Insitu designs and makes their own products, including wallpapers, clocks and vynil accessories. The store features a 100-year old spiral staircase that leads to their workshop and antique furniture that belonged to the owners’ grandparents. Their unique Budapest t-shirt collection makes for an excellent gift or memory of your Budapest trip.

In addition they carry the products of several Hungarian designers. Balkan Tango, PanyiZsuzsi, Matyodesign, Pucc, Artista, Camou just to name a few of the better known brands. If you are into unique designs, Insitu also has a good selection of international designers, including J-Me home accessories, Nooka and 01 The One watches, Lomo cameras and Moleskin notebooks.

The people behind Insitu are two architects who opened their store for design fans in 2007, which has since become a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Getting to Insitu: Take Subway (M2) to Astoria and take the short walk over to the store

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm

Insitu’s little sister, the neighboring Front Select Shop opened in 2009 and recently it has been converted into a quaint little coffee shop Fekete.

Fekete is located at Múzeum krt 5.

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