Falk Miksa Street

The antique row of Budapest

Falk Miksa Street

The famous antique row of Budapest is in Falk Miksa utca, just steps away from the Parliament Building. Many of the antique shops and galleries are worth visiting. Don't miss the Kieselbach Gallery and the Virág Judit Gallery, where auctions are also held. For more antiquities check out Anni Domini, Moró, Wladis and the Dénes Gallery. For folk art visit Nagyházi and if you are interested in modern art visit Missionart, Prestige and BumBum.

The antique shops lining Falk Miksa utca can also be great for finding unique gifts and souvenirs. Here is a list of shops and galleries on and around Falk Miksa utca worth visiting:

Anni Domini (Falk Miksa utca 6)
Art Deco Gallery (Markó utca 6)
BÁV (Szent István körút 3)
Biksady Gallery & Auctionhouse (Falk Miksa utca 24-26)
Bujanovics Antiquities (Falk Miksa utca 18-20)
BumBum (Falk Miksa utca 10)
Darius Antiques (Falk Miksa utca 24-26)
Dénes Gallery (Balassi utca 25)
Goldbach Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 32)
Haas Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 13)
Kieselbach Gallery (Szent István körút 5)
MissionArt Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 30)
Montparnasse Galéria (Falk Miksa utca 10, entrance from Markó utca)
Moró Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 13)
Nagyházi Gallery (Balaton utca 8)
Násfa Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 22)
Pintér Antiques (Falk Miksa utca 10)
Prestige Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 7)
Virág Judit Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 30)
Wladis Gallery (Falk Miksa utca 13)

The antique row comes alive every spring and fall during Falk Art Forum, a festival celebrating antique and modern art. More than 50 galleries participate the event with special exhibitions and extended opening hours.

Getting to Falk Miksa Street: Take Streetcars 2, 4 or 6 to Jászai Mari tér

Insider Tip: To get an insider's look at the 'Antique Row' in Budapest sign up for a themed guided tour. Tours range from treasure hunts to meetings with art collectors and gallery owners. To book your space contact the Falk Art team via e-mail at k.balazs@falkart.hu or call (+36-20) 397-3796.

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