Budapest with Kids

A selection of the most child-friendly attractions in Budapest

Budapest with Kids

Children's Budapest

We know that traveling with children isn't always a piece of cake, so that's why we've gathered a list of the most child-friendly attractions in Budapest to keep your whole family entertained. You'll find that Hungarians are very welcoming to children especially, often greeting them with smiles and giving up their seats for them on the bus. Some of the city's tourist attractions are just as accommodating, like the Budapest Zoo, which is home to a beautiful Art Nouveau Elephant House, or Aquaworld, a large indoor water park with its own 'Kid's World', complete with slides and a playhouse.

Budapest with Kids

Orczy Kalandpark

There are children's playgrounds all over Budapest; the best is in the Millenaris Park. The beautifully landscaped Kopaszi-gát is another great place for kids with playgrounds, a sandy beach and many kid-friendly restaurants. City Park (Városliget) with the zoo, the circus and its lake is always entertaining. The lake in City Park is great for either skating or rowing depending on the season. In addition, there are slides and wooden castles in the park and a large playground with a treehouse and monkey bars. The Orczy Kalandpark in District 8 is another favorite destination. It offers exciting outdoor adventures that will keep kids (and parents) entertained for hours.

In the summer, outdoor pools are a favorite with kids. They offer a variety of aquatic activities for people of all ages, including swimming, kids’ pools, slides and more. Margaret Island, a large recreational park in the middle of the Danube, has indoor & outdoor pools, playgrounds and a small petting zoo. You can rent bicycles, inline skates and 'bringóhintó', a four-wheeled bike for four. Another popular destination for kids is the Görzenál Skate Park, where kids can roller blade, skateboard and cycle on ramps.

Budapest with Kids


For a learning experience take your family to the Palace of Miracles, a unique interactive exhibition designed for kids; the Museum of Transport, with its old trains, motorcycles and cars; the Hungarian Railway Museum for a ride on a vintage rail-car; the Hungarian Natural History Museum to explore one of its many exhibits, like the Treasures of the Carpathian Basin; visit the Puppet Theatre for a truly unique and entertaining performance; get up close and personal with small monkeys and watch the sharks at Tropicarium, or head to the Planetarium and learn about the Universe. If your child is into music, the Palace of Arts offers concerts for kids and a variety of musical activities where small children can participate.

Budapest with Kids

Budakeszi Vadaspark

If it’s the great outdoors you are looking for head to the Buda Hills for a variety of adventurous activities. There is Challengeland, equipped with several zip-lines and canopy walks, horseback riding, the Children’s Railway and the Libegő, a two-way chair lift offering beautiful views of the city and the surrounding mountains. For an out-of-town alternative to the zoo, check out the Budakeszi Vadaspark, located in a large protected forest. Budapest is also famous for its underground caves. Visit the Szemlőhegyi Cave for a unique experience.

When it comes to eating and drinking, try one of the best child friendly restaurants, some even have a kid’s corner where the little ones can play. In addition, we have tagged anything and everything that’s child friendly on our site.

Popular Indoor Activities with Kids

Popular Outdoor Activities with Kids

  • Orczy Kalandpark - an adventure park with canopy walks and zip-lines
  • Budapest Zoo - don't miss the 'Kindergarten' with various baby animals
  • Margaret Island - bicycle rental, indoor & outdoor pools, playgrounds, a small petting zoo and no traffic make it ideal for a family outing
  • Kopaszi-gát - a great place for kids, with its playgrounds, a sandy beach, green grass with ducks and an indoor playhouse
  • Millenaris Park - playgrounds plus several kids programs to choose from year-round
  • Children’s Railway - run by children (under the supervision of adult railway workers), a fun way to explore the Buda Hills

Popular City Tours with Kids

  • Kids Conquer Buda Castle - interactive city discovery tour designed for children
  • Easy Breezy Bicycle Tour - tours run in small groups on carefully chosen routes (bike lanes, parks and car-free streets) suitable for kids, available April to October

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