Cuisine:Hungarian, International


Good for:Breakfast, Brunch, Desserts & Pastries, Families with Kids, Local Flavors, Lunch

Monday - Saturday: 7:30 am to 8 pm

Szendzso serves great breakfasts, homemade pastries, lunch menus and a selection of homegrown products, like craft beer, artisan cheese, homemade jam, gourmet chocolate and Hungarian salami. Old fashioned, country-style breakfasts, with ham, salami, eggs and red onion, are served here with freshly baked bread. Other menu offerings include wraps, bagels, salads, baguettes, desserts and ice-cream in the summer. Szendzso has a charming decor and a homey feel. There is a cute play area for kids and sidewalk seating in warmer weather. Takeout is also available.

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