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Good for:Breakfast, Desserts & Pastries, Lunch

8:30 am - 9 pm, daily

Szamos' new flagship store, Szamos Gourmet Ház, is a café, pastry shop and chocolate manufactory all in one. Located on Vörösmarty tér, right where Váci utca begins, Szamos is a great place to sample some traditional Hungarian desserts, hand-made bonbons and marzipan delicacies. The shop offers numerous truffle assortments, gift boxes and about 40 different marzipan bonbons. Marzipan is a 'Szamos' specialty, which was first mastered by Mátyás Szamos in the 1930's. Ever since, Szamos has been famous for its marzipan treats and the Szamos family became one of the most famous Hungarian confectionery dynasties.

Szamos Gourmet Ház offers a selection of cakes, pastries and desserts that are either Hungarian or Austrian specialties, going back in time to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, when coffee culture flourished in Budapest. Bistro style food, salads and sandwiches are also served and there is a two-course lunch menu, which costs HUF 1,500 (available from noon to 3pm). The chocolate manufactory on site is separated by a huge glass window, so visitors can observe the secrets of chocolate making. Chocoholics can even sign up for a chocolate making course (3 hours, HUF 11,900).

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