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Good for:Dinner, Groups, Local Flavors, Lunch

Monday - Sunday: noon to 11pm

Paprika Vendéglő is a traditional Hungarian restaurant offering the classics every day. The gulyásleves, served with white farmer's bread, and the halászlé, served in little cauldrons, are great and both are big enough for a full meal. Besides the hearty soups, there are a lot of pork dishes, a good variety of poultry dishes and a few game and fish dishes to choose from. Portions are very generous (the Wiener schnitzel is bigger than the plate), so be sure to come hungry.

The furniture is made of logs and the entire interior looks like a country home somewhere in the great Hungarian puszta, but this shouldn't turn you off. If you're looking for a down-to-earth, traditional Hungarian meal, Paprika Vendéglő is definitely worth checking out.

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