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Additional Info:Most is one of the few places in Budapest that serves brunch

Most is brought to you by the people behind Jelen, a popular pub. There is a small bar, a stage as well as a roof terrace. It's a sociable place with long, shared tables, frequented by expats, locals and tourists.

Most Bistro Review

by Orsolya Sztano, on Mar 10, 2011

While the beautiful city of Budapest has many great restaurants, it is a bit short on brunch options. Nowadays there's an improvement on the breakfast front, but the brunch offered by some of the 4 & 5 star hotels is far from the real deal. My two issues are: 1st the price and 2nd the food. I guess that's enough to put you off. Serving weekend leftovers for a buffet and charging at least HUF 5,000 per person is a bit sad. Also, they don't really serve anything like breakfast, it's more of a mash-up of a hearty lunch and dinner. Some hotels offer spa passes with their brunch menu, which could be a good deal, if only the food was better. I really wonder when some of the local restaurants will finally offer a real brunch experience.

Most Bistro


On the other hand, Budapest has plenty of unique retro- and ruin-pubs, and nowadays ruin bistros. These eateries are very popular among young people and tourists for their atmosphere and low-priced, good quality food. One of these is Most Bistro, my newest find in the middle of the city center, very close to the Opera house. I discovered the place by pure luck, when I got a bit lost on my way home. You can notice the interior design from the street through their big panorama windows. Their menu is also a bit different. Finally a place that serves eggs Benedict, quiche Loraine, and American pancakes. Also, they have Pad Thai and other great Asian favorites, burgers and pasta and many tasty dishes. So, I figured I must try this place, especially the Sunday pre fixed brunch deal, for HUF 1,690.

Most Bistro

Quiche Loraine

So, here is the brunch deal. First you pick a drink, which can be anything from Coca-Cola to Bloody Mary, or a Kir Royal, or a Mimosa, you know, whatever you feel like. Next you pick a main dish, and there are plenty to choose from, such as American pancake, French toast, wraps, Caesar salad, eggs Benedict, and more. For some dishes you need to pay an additional HUF 200, but it's well worth it. After the mains come the desserts. You can choose from Hungarian favorites like "mákos guba" or you can pick sweet Samosa and Panna Cotta. You don't necessarily have to go with the pre fixed menu, as all the dishes and some other breakfast treats are available a la carte.

Most Bistro

Coconut Panna Cotta

I had to try the quiche Loraine, as I never had it in Budapest. It was served with a good portion of fresh salad and it was very tasty and filling. My friend had the eggs Benedict, with salad and veggies, which was also a nice big portion. For dessert I had a coconut Panna Cotta, which was just heavenly. The Samosa that my breakfast partner had, was a bit of a disappointment for me, although he liked it. The center was quite badly burned, and very dry. If there's anything negative about Most, it's the service. I heard many complaints about the wait staff sometimes being a bit rude, and the service being slow. Well, I can confirm, the service was slow, but the people were OK. I guess it all depends on their mood, which is not very professional, but for the food Most Bistro is really worth it!

Good to know: Most Bistro's big brother is Jelen, a great pub, with some great food. People say that the best burgers in town are served at Most. I tried their burger, maybe it's not the best, but it is very tasty!

The brunch special is served Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 4pm.

Review and photos by Orsolya Sztano

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  • Picture of Zoli Gerenday Zoli Gerenday 02/24/2012 32121

    Most has been a favorite place for my girlfriend and I for the past six months. We always enjoyed the food, drinks (ciders finally!!) and the atmosphere. The only thing we found as a negative, is the staff. Every time we entered, ‘had hopes of being served properly. Misunderstanding and chaos is a common problem here, even when there’s ONLY 4 tables occupiued. Expect your drink to come in a different form, like getting a beer instead of apple juice. Today was the last time we entered this establishment (we never got the chance to order ANYTHING) , and our patience is gone. Being a waiter myself, I know this can be hard job. BUT you dont need to study basic principles in school to greet someone or to take an order properly from a customer. We will never visit this place again.

  • Picture of Marytor Marytor 02/03/2012 32121

    Horrible service!  I’ve had two bad experiences there.  Most recently was asked to move with my friend to a smaller table, IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR MEAL.  We were told our cooperation would be compensated with a free drink so we agreed.  By the time the group we switched with got up and freed the table, our food was cold.  When we asked for our complimentary drink and confirmed that it was complimentary, of course when the bill arrived, our “complimentary” drinks were on it and charged.  When we asked about it we were told that we misunderstood and the hostess did not offer us the drink.  Of course in the course of the move we saw 4 different wait staff, so no surprise that they didn’t want to believe us. 
    Uhhh!! What happened to making the customer happy and the customer always being right?  We explained the story, but to no avail.  It would have cost them 2 beers to give us the benefit of the doubt and instead they will not be receiving my business EVER!

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