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Monday - Saturday: 8 am to midnight

Mangalica & Társai Húspatika is a deli-like eatery and a shop dedicated to the curly-haired mangalica pig, a Hungarian heritage breed. Mangalica pork in all its forms, including sausages, salamis, pate and ham is sold in the shop, along with artisanal cheese, Hungarian wine, pálinka brandies, jam and dairy products. As an eatery Mangalica & Társai Húspatika offers breakfast, lunch and dinner or you could just stop by for a quick snack. Salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and grilled dishes are prepared to order and can be paired with a glass of wine or freshly squeezed lemonade.  

Just a few decades ago mangalica pigs came close to extinction, but luckily the high-quality mangalica meat was discovered by the Spanish company Segovia Hams and mangalica exports took off. The Spanish are experts in curing ham and in Spain the mangalica meat is treated for two years before being put onto the market and sold as Monte Nevado Ham. Thanks to Mangalica & Társai Húspatika you don't have to travel all the way to Spain, nor do you have to wait for the annual Mangalica Festival to taste the flavorful mangalica cured ham. Other mangalica products to try are the tasty sausages and salamis.

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