Macesz Huszár

Type:Restaurant, Bistro


Good for:Dinner, Lunch

Sunday-Wednesday: 11:30 am to midnight
Thursday-Saturday: 11:30 am to 2 am


Additional Info:Jewish, but not kosher cuisine

Macesz Huszár ('Matzo Hussar'), a new addition to District 7's Jewish-style restaurant scene, serves up traditional, home-style Hungarian Jewish dishes in a charming, living room-like milieu. Brought to you by Dávid Popovits, owner of Doblo Wine Bar, this trendy Jewish bistro is already creating some buzz.

Staples of Jewish cooking, like matzo-ball soup, cholent and traditional Jewish desserts such as flódni are on the menu here, along with stuffed goose neck and schnitzel. Dishes are inspired by the owner's grandmother's cooking and recipes. Be sure to add Macesz Huszár to your itinerary while touring the Jewish Quarter.

(The kitchen is closed every day between 4 pm and 6 pm)

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