Lukács Café

Type:Coffee House


Good for:Desserts & Pastries

Additional Info:Lukács Café has closed

Lukács Café has CLOSED

Lukács Café is one of the old traditional cafés, which has regained its splendor after a lengthy renovation. Located one block from the House of Terror Museum on Andrássy Avenue, the original café opened its doors in the neo-Renaissance building in 1912. In 1949 the coffee house was closed down and confiscated from the Lukács family, only to be converted into a cafeteria for the secret police.

Today, the entrance of the café is shared with a bank's main entrance, which is quite appropriate, as it sets the mood for the sky-high prices. The beautifully gilded interior is matched by the gilded price list, which also means that this splendid coffee house is less frequented (especially by locals), than many of the others in the city. A glass of house lemonade (2dl) will set you back HUF 890 and you can expect to pay around HUF 1,000 for a coffee and about the same for the exquisite pastries. A 15% service charge is automatically added to your bill. Wi-Fi is not available.

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