Comme Chez Soi

Cuisine:Italian, Mediterranean


Good for:Business, Dinner, Lunch

Monday - Saturday: from 11 am to midnight


Additional Info:Cash only

Comme Chez Soi is a small Italian restaurant located one block from the famous Váci Street in downtown Budapest. It's a popular choice for both lunch and dinner. Generous portions of Italian fare is served at reasonable prices and the friendly owners, Roberto and Marianne, complete the experience.

Comme Chez Soi Review

May 5, 2011

Although the name, inherited from the previous establishment, suggests French cuisine, Comme Chez Soi is one of Budapest's most popular Italian restaurants. As a matter of fact, at the time of this review it's the number one restaurant on Tripadvisor. Comme Chez Soi means 'like at home' and its website promised a “Romantic, candlelit dinner in a true small Mediterranean restaurant”, so I went there with high expectations.

Comme Chez Soi

Pizza & Pasta

Comme Chez Soi consists of two small dining areas sharing an open kitchen, which makes the place look even more compact. With the exception of 'Snails in garlic butter' and 'Goose liver, flambéed with Tokaji wine' the menu features primarily Italian dishes, including pizzas and pastas along with salads, soups, croquettes and a variety of fish and meat specials. My exploration started with a mix of Italian ham and cured duck meat, bread and garlic butter, followed by 'Pizza du chef' (pizza with egg and spicy sausage) and 'Three kinds of pasta with three kinds of sauce' (ravioli Bolognese, tortellini with Parma ham and fettuccine in basil sauce). Everything was delicious. The cured duck meat was tasty and the pizza in itself is reason enough to try Comme Chez Soi. It was perfectly thin-crusted and flavorful.

The dishes were prepared with fresh ingredients by a kitchen that knows its business. The service at Comme Chez Soi is very friendly but not overbearing. The open kitchen sets the mood for the restaurant, but I'm not sure it would win points with a romantic date. The small size, the close proximity of the tables and the busy, open kitchen make this a lively yet cozy eatery. The tasty Italian fare, generous portions, courteous staff and moderate prices confirm that this restaurant is a must try. Mains are HUF 1,450 - HUF 5,500 and all soups and desserts are HUF 1,200.

Comme Chez Soi Reviews

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    I travel to Budapest regularly and have been to Comme Chez Soi three times over the last 6 months and have never been disappointed.  Roberto and his sons warmly welcome you and treat you as if you are royalty.  This small and cozy restaurant (only 8 to 10 tables) is decorated with 100’s of champagne bottles which creates a warm and personal atmosphere (though too cozy for a romantic dinner).  Food is very fresh, my salmon tasted like it had just been pulled from the ocean.  I have also had the garlic pork tenderloin and the veal filet, both excellent.  The bruschetta is wonderful and the goulash soup could be a meal in itself.  Let Roberto select your Hungarian wine (unless you are Hungarian!) it is always excellent and reasonably priced. The first time I ate there I was pleasantly surprised by the numerous “complimentary” extras such as lemon sorbet and Mom’s home made limoncello given because “we were from the US”.  However, by the third time, I realized this is just part of their wonderful service to make you feel like royalty.  One word of warning…they only take cash, so stop by the ATM before arriving.  If you forget, they’ll show you where the ATM is around the corner!

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