Type:Coffee House


Good for:Desserts & Pastries

Monday - Sunday: 10 am to 10 pm

Additional Info:Free WiFi

Bookcafé is located on the second floor of the former Paris Department Store, which currently houses the Alexandra bookstore. The café is decorated with beautiful chandeliers and a fresco-style ceiling, painted by Károly Lotz. His paintings also decorate the rooms of the Parliament building. The grandiose, palace-like interior makes visitors feel like they are in the residence of an aristocrat who once used to live on Andrássy Avenue. What makes Alexandra Bookcafé particularly interesting is that both the building and its interior are fine examples of Art Nouveau, while the café is reminiscent of a renaissance-style ballroom.

The menu contains small, gourmet meals, like salmon on a bagel or cheese platter and a large selection of pastries at reasonable prices. Free WiFi.

Bookcafé Reviews

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  • 3.00
  • Picture of Inna Velikova Inna Velikova 12/24/2013 43211

    Definitely one of my favourite places in Budapest! I’ve been to the cafe and the bookstore 4 or 5 times and I will certainly return if I visit Budapest again. The interior is impressive, it feels like a ball room and yet the prices of the pastries and drinks are quite reasonalbe and affordable even for budget travellers. What I love best about it is the live piano music.

  • Picture of Guest Guest 07/29/2011 14321

    Surprisingly Bad. Despite there being three waiters for an almost empty room we had to wait at least 10 minutes for our order to be taken. The waiter sneered at our use of Hungarian and was contemptuous of our order. The salad and sandwich we ordered were dire when they came and we didn’t finish them. The only good thing about the place was the beautiful decor. Will not be returning.

  • Picture of Rada V Rada V 10/10/2010 43211

    Free wifi, architecture & great pastries

    The art nouveau building which houses the Alexandra bookstore is impressive itself, but take the escalators to the second floor and you will be more impressed with Bookcafe. The cafe is located in a large room, named after a Hungarian painter, whose paintings cover the ceiling. Add free wifi, a good selection of desserts and decent coffee at reasonable prices and it makes for a great place to spend some time. Francia kremes is to die for, however the meggyes wasn’t as tasty and the cappuccino should be hotter. Overall, a great and beautiful pit stop on Andrasy.

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