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Whether you are an Expat or student living in Budapest or just visiting we have compiled a list of English language publications, services, schools, universities, cultural institutions and embassies to help you find your way around the city.

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News in English

Budacast is Hungary's weekly English-language podcast

Budapest Business Journal
Daily business news, along with comprehensive industry and company information

Budapest Sun
Major Hungarian English language weekly newspaper (includes TV and movie listings for English programs)

Budapest Times
Daily newspaper in English

Free, English language, bi-weekly events magazine, available at hotels, restaurants, stores, etc.

The Hungarian Quarterly
Articles on Hungary and its history, short stories, poetry and reviews

Where Budapest
Where Budapest is a free monthly publication with current events, restaurants, shops, entertainment and more, available at hotels
Print only

English-Language Bookshops & Libraries

Bestsellers is the oldest English-language bookshop in Budapest, with over 10,000 titles in English. They also have a good selection of French-language books.

Address: Október 6 utca 11, Budapest
Location: Pest, City Center, District 5
Phone: (+36-1) 312-1295

CEU Bookshop
CEU has one of the most comprehensive collections of English-language books on Central and Easter Europe.

Address: Zrinyi utca 12, Budapest
Location: Pest, City Center, District 5
Phone: (+36-1) 327-3096

Alexandra is Hungary’s biggest bookstore chain. Their flagship store at Andrássy Avenue has some 2,000 English-, German-, and French-language books on the main level. Take the escalator to Bookcafé on the first floor, you won't be disappointed.

Address: Andrássy Avenue 39, Budapest
Location: Pest, District 6

Address: Váci utca 22, Budapest
Location: Pest, City Center, District 5
Phone: (+36-1) 318-5680

Treehugger Dan’s Secondhand Bookstore & Café
Address: Lázár utca 16, Pest, District 6
Phone: (+36-1) 322-0774 / 269-3843

National Foreign Language Library
The National Foreign Language Library is the city’s main library for foreign-language books.

Address: Molnár utca 11, Budapest
Location: Pest, District 5
Phone: (+36-1) 318-3688

Click here for more English-language bookshops.

Useful Sites for Expats

Budapest Resources - Expat Service Center: budapestresources.com
Euromove - Relocation to Hungary: euromove.hu
Expat Echo - Advice for Expats living in Budapest: moveoneinc.com/expat-echo/
Hello Budapest - Relocate with a smile: hello-budapest.com
Helpers - Expat services, including paperwork and property management: helpers.hu
Országos Fordító Iroda - Certified translations: offi.hu
Xpatloop - Hungary's Expat community: xpatloop.com

Study in Hungary

Central European University (CEU)
CEU is a graduate institution for social sciences, humanities, law and management, accredited in both the USA and Europe. The institution offers English-language Master's, doctoral and PhD programs. More info at: ceu.hu

Address: Nádor utca 9, Budapest 1051
Location: Pest, City Center, District 5
Phone: (+36-1) 327-3000

Corvinus University of Budapest Faculty of Economics
The Corvinus University's Faculty of Economics was ranked 6th in the field of economics in 2009 by the Financial Times. The university offers BA, MA and non-degree programs in English. More info at: economics.uni-corvinus.hu

Address: Fővám tér 8, Budapest 1093
Location: Pest, District 9, next to Liberty Bridge
Phone: (+36-1) 482-5347

International Business School Budapest (IBS)
IBS offers BA and MA programs in English, accredited by and in cooperation with the Oxford Brookes University. More info at: web.ibs-b.hu

Address: Tárogató út 2-4, Budapest 1021
Location: Buda, District 2
Phone: (+36-1) 391-2574

Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences
Offering several English- and German-language international student exchange programs and BA programs in Tourism and Catering. More info at: kodolanyi.hu

Centre for International Services:
Address: Fürdő utca 1, Székesfehérvár 8000
Phone: (+36-22) 543-377

Semmelweis University Budapest
Offering graduate programs and PhD doctoral programs for medical and dental doctors and pharmacists in English and German. Accredited in the USA, Canada, EU, Israel and India. More info at: english.sote.hu

Address: Tűzoltó utca 37-47, Budapest 1094
Location: Pest, District 9, close to Klinikák subway station
Phone: (+36-1) 459-1500

Cultural Institutes in Budapest

British Council Budapest
Address: Madách Imre út 13-14, Budapest 1075
Location: Pest, City Center, District 7
Phone: (+36-1) 483-2020

French Institute Budapest
Address: Fő utca 17, Budapest 1011
Location: Buda, District 1, on the Danube embankment
Phone: (+36-1) 489-4200/4222

Goethe Institut Budapest
Address: Ráday utca 58, Budapest 1092
Location: Pest, District 9
Phone: (+36-1) 374-4070

Italian Institute Budapest
Address: Bródy Sándor utca 8, Budapest
Location: Pest, City Center, District 8, next to the Hungarian National Museum
Phone: (+36-1) 483-2040

Merlin Theater
Known for its English-Language theater performances, dance events and exhibitions.
Address: Gerlóczy utca 4, Budapest 1052
Location: Pest, City Center, District 5

Embassies in Budapest

US Embassy
Address: 12 Szabadság tér, Budapest 1054
Location: Pest, City Center, district 5
Phone: (+36-1) 475-4400
After-hours emergency calls for American citizens only: (+36-1) 475-4703/4924
US Embassy's website

British Embassy Budapest
Address: Harmincad utca 6, Budapest 1051
Location: Pest, City Center, District 5, close to Vörösmarty Square
Phone: (+36-1) 266-2888
British Embassy's website

Canadian Embassy
Address: 12-14 Ganz utca, Budapest 1027
Location: Buda, District 2
Phone: (+36-1) 392-3360
Canadian Embassy's website

Australian Embassy Budapest
Address: Királyhágó tér 8-9, Budapest 1126
Location: Buda, District 12
Phone: (+36-1) 457-9777
Australian Embassy's website

Irish Embassy Budapest
Address: Szabadság tér 7, Budapest 1054
Location: Pest, City Center, District 5, within the Bank Center
Phone: (+36-1) 302-9600
Irish Embassy's website

German Embassy Budapest
Address: Úri utca 64-66, Budapest 1014
Location: Buda, District 1, Castle Hill
Phone: (+36-1) 488-3500/3505
German Embassy's website

Italian Embassy Budapest
Address: Stefánia út 95, Budapest 1143
Location: Pest, District 14
Phone: (+36-1) 460-6200/6201
Italian Embassy's website

French Embassy Budapest
Address: Lendvay utca 27, Budapest 1062
Location: Pest, District 6, next to Heroes’ Square
Phone: (+36-1) 374-1100
French Embassy's website

Spanish Embassy Budapest
Address: Eötvös u. 11/b, Budapest 1067
Location: Buda, District 6
Phone: (+36-1) 202-4006
Spanish Embassy's website

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