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There are over 300 hotels in Budapest and our goal is to help you choose the most suitable for your stay. We provide detailed information on each hotel, including photos, location info, things to do and a summary of traveler reviews from verified guests and other top review sites across the web. Start by browsing our Budapest hotel collections or check out our complete Budapest hotel guide.

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Budapest Hotel Guide

169 Budapest hotels found:

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  1. Constructed in 1750 for the Felsőbüki Nagy family, the Szidónia Manor House is located in Western Hungary, 25 km’ more

  2. The Aquincum Hotel Budapest

    Hotel type: Spa Hotels
    Neighborhood: Buda, District 3

    Facing Margaret Island, the Aquincum Hotel Budapest is located on the banks of the Danube River on the historic more

  3. Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium

    Hotel type: Budget
    Neighborhood: Pest, District 8

    The Tulip Inn is located on Üllői út, which is the main street connecting the city with Ferihegy more

  4. Uhu Villa Budapest

    Hotel type: Pension & BB
    Neighborhood: Buda, District 2

    Overlooking the city, the Uhu Villa Budapest is a turn-of-the-century villa, located approximately three miles more

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Budapest Hotel Collections

Buda or Pest, hip or classic, cheap or expensive, large or small, the trick is finding the right hotel to suit you. Our hotel collections feature some of the top Budapest hotels categorized by travel theme: