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Are you up for an Art Nouveau-themed treasure hunt?

Art Nouveau architecture is one of the best features of Budapest. This gorgeous art movement flourished in the Hungarian capital in the early 20th century and many buildings were commissioned in this style. Master architects like Ödön Lechner, often referred to as the ‘Hungarian Gaudi’, Emil Vidor, Béla Lajta or Károly Kós left beautiful houses and structures to posterity. Urban geocaching in Budapest is a quest for 10 hidden treasures that will lead you to some of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the city.

Just like in other participating cities around the world, geocaching in Budapest starts by downloading your map and coordinates from the official site. While hunting for Art Nouveau buildings in Budapest, geocachers should look for treasure-boxes as seen on the picture. Each box contains a logbook and trade items. The treasure hunt is on until October 31, 2011, so charge your GPS, put on your walking shoes and get ready to explore Budapest.

Geocaching is an interesting and fun way to explore the city on your own. The movement started over 10 years ago and now encompasses over 100 cities worldwide.

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