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Venue:Gödör Klub

Date Note:This was a one-time event on Sept 9, 2010

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Bonobo, named after the most amorous species of monkey, is a successful band, which has just released their 4th album, called Black Sands. The ever-renewing character of the band can be attributed to its charismatic front man, Simon Green, who always seeks new paths. Bonobo’s songs can be most impressive when performed at live concerts and their music could be categorized as lounge-downtempo-chillout, a new kind of dance music.

Their fourth album, Black Sands, has proven that their experimenting side outweighed the desire for guaranteed success, which is most likely to yield recognition both in the music scene and from the audience. Simon has already performed in Budapest on several occasions. His September concert at the Gödör Klub will showcase both old and new tracks.

Ticket prices are HUF 3,900 if purchased in advance and HUF 4,900 on the day of the event.

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