Zelnik István Southeast Asian Gold Museum

Golden curiosities from Southeast Asia in Budapest

Zelnik István Southeast Asian Gold Museum
The museum's entrance - photo by Timar Benjamin
Photo by Timar Benjamin
The museum's garden - photo by Timar Benjamin
The Rausch Villa - photo by Timar Benjamin

Why visit: treasures from Southeast Asia, precious gold and silver objects

The Zelnik István Southeast Asian Gold Museum showcases a unique, never-before-seen collection of golden objects from 11 Southeast Asian states. The nearly one thousand objects on display were carefully selected from Dr. István Zelnik's private collection of approximately 50,000 Southeast Asian artifacts. Dr. Zelnik is a former diplomat, a businessman and an art collector with a passion for Asian art, culture and customs.

Zelnik István Southeast Asian Gold Museum

Ganesha, cast gold, Central Java, 10th-11th century - photo by Sulyok Miklos

The precious collection is comprised of Southeast Asian gold and silver objects from prehistoric times to the 20th century that are of particular importance from an historical and art-historical perspective. The mainstays of the collection are the gold and silver artifacts from Cham, Khmer, Javanese and tribal cultures. In addition the collection also features religious objects connected to Buddhism and Hinduism.

The private museum is located in one of Andrássy Avenue's beautifully restored villas, the Rausch Villa. The museum's nine halls located on two floors lead visitor across the different eras of Southeast Asian art history appealing to the senses with never-before-seen rarities. The museum's tropical garden is home to more Southeast Asian treasures ranging from statues to masonry dating back thousands of years. The Aladár Sövény Teahouse and the Cabinet of Curiosities serves authentic Asian teas, coffees and snacks in an interesting settings. The museum's shop offers a range of Southeast Asian antiques and souvenirs.

Getting to the Zelnik István Southeast Asian Gold Museum:
Take the Millennium Underground (M1) to Bajza utca station

Opening hours:
Monday: 9 am to 6 pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm
Night time: Fridays and Saturdays 7 pm to 9 pm

Entrance fees:
Adult: HUF 3,350 or HUF 3,000 if tickets are pre-purchased online
Children: HUF 1,700
Seniors: HUF 2,300
Budapest Card: HUF 2,650
Free entry for children under 6 and seniors over 70
Guided tours in English are also available.

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