Semmelweis Museum

Showcasing the development of western medicine

Semmelweis Museum

Why visit: medical curiosities

The Semmelweis Medical History Museum, the birthplace of Dr. Semmelweis, showcases the development of western medicine from prehistoric times to the early 20th century. A model of a doctor's surgery, a reconstructed 19th century pharmacy and an array of early medical instruments are on display.

Even though English narratives are few and far between the exhibits are still understandable and enjoyable.

Getting to the Semmelweis Museum: This museum is located at the foot of Castle Hill. Take Streetcar 19 to Döbrentei tér and take the short walk over to Apród utca.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:30 am to 6 pm March to October, 10:30 am to 4 pm November to March

Entrance fees:
Adult: HUF 700
Kids and Seniors: HUF 350

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