Postal Museum

A recreation of a 19th century post office

Postal Museum

Note: The Postal Museum recently moved to Benczúr utca 27 and the exhibit is now located in the extravagant setting of an industrial tycoon's former palace, the Benczúr Ház.

Why visit: architecture, unique exhibit, postal history

A recreation of a 19th century post office, early vehicles used for delivery rounds, an early telephone switchboard and the evolution of the mailbox are on display at the Postal Museum.

The building that houses the museum used to be a residential block, commissioned by mineral water tycoon Andreas Saxlehner in 1886. The Postal Museum is located in his former private seven-room apartment. The staircase is decorated with frescos by Károly Lotz.

Getting to the Postal Museum: Take the Millennium Underground (M1) to Bajza utca

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

Entrance fees:
Adult: HUF 500
Kids and Seniors: HUF 250

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