Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

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Whether you're new to wine travel or a discriminating wine aficionado, there are several wine regions in Hungary worth visiting. When you take a trip to one of Hungary's famous wine regions you can sample the wines, tour the vineyards and the cellars and even meet the winemakers.

Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

Wine tasting at Bock Winery

Photo by Tibor Jilling

Kadarka tasting at Heimann Winery

Wine production and consumption have deep roots in Hungarian culture and wine tourism is a great way to learn about the history and the people of Hungary. In many regions accommodation and restaurant options are still limited, however more and more wine regions and wine makers are starting to embrace the potential of wine tourism. There have been significant developments in recent years and many wineries offer a complete tourism experience with services such as accommodation, spa and wellness facilities, restaurants and a variety of tours complemented by friendly staff with a high level of wine knowledge to welcome visitors and answer questions in several languages. One of the key differentiators of Hungarian wine tourism is that visitors can interact directly with winemakers at most wineries and experience firsthand the rich diversity that the region has to offer. Few people can talk as passionately about their wine as the vintners themselves.

Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

Takler Winery in Szekszárd

Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

Vylyan Winery in Villány

You may find the quality of Hungarian wine surprising. Surprising because Hungarian wines are relatively unknown even though they regularly win awards at prestigious wine competitions and blind tastings, beating out the best French and Italian vintages. Also, only a handful of wineries have successfully navigated the process of getting distribution in larger markets. Another reason for being lesser known is that only limited quantities are available for export, as most of the wine is consumed domestically. This means that quality Hungarian wines are still considered cheap when compared to their Western counterparts. Wine tasting fees are also very low, amazingly low for anyone who has visited Bordeaux or Napa Valley lately, making this a perfect time to experience wine tourism in Hungary.

Five wine regions to visit in Hungary:

Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

The Villány region

Wine Tourism Hungarian Style

The Balatonboglár region

Tokaj and Eger in the north-east, Villány and Szekszárd in the south and the region around Lake Balaton (both, the south and north shores) all offer excellent wine and are worth the trip from Budapest. These regions are easily accessible and the local wineries are a great experience. Not sure where to start? Join one of Taste Hungary's wine tours to get a crash course in Hungarian wine.

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  1. debra opines:

    we want to know what wine tours or regions are in and around budapest or lake heviz thanks

  2. Roberta Gyori responds:

    @debra - The closest wine region to Budapest is the Etyek-Buda Wine Region and the region close to Hévíz is the Badacsony Wine Region.

    Taste Hungary offers great wine tasting tours in Budapest, as well as expert wine tours (both, group and private) to all of Hungary’s wine regions. Budapest Bike Breeze is another local tour company to offer wine tasting tours in the historic wine region of Buda. Both tour companies are ranked amongst the top 10 in Budapest on Tripadvisor.

    Enjoy your trip and let me know if you had any other questions.

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