Vegetarian Restaurants in Budapest

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It's not all beef stew and Chicken Paprikash in Hungary


Photo courtesy of Nemsüti

While meat may be the main attraction of Hungarian cuisine, there is no need to fret if you are on a meat-free diet, as Budapest's vegetarian foodie scene has improved considerably over the past years. More and more of Budapest's restaurants serve up vegetarian dishes and there are a growing number of dedicated veggie eateries.

Here is a round-up of Budapest’s vegetarian hot-spots:

Éden Restaurant



Éden is a vegan, cafeteria style, self-service restaurant in Buda. It is situated in the heart of Tabán, close to Buda Castle. You can enjoy its terrace from early spring until late autumn. They also serve breakfast until 11:00 am. Their menu changes every day. Éden serves soups, salads, pastas, casseroles, roasted vegetables, pottages and desserts. Portions are large.

Address: Iskola utca 31, Budapest 1011 Budapest (next to Batthyány Square)
Phone: (+36-20) 337-7575
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 7 am to 9 pm, Friday 7 am to 6 pm, Saturday closed, Sunday 11 am to 9 pm

Falafel Salad Bar



Falafel Salad Bar is a small and always busy vegetarian restaurant. They are perhaps best known for their self-service salad bar, which offers a wide range of choices, including mixed salads, lettuces, cooked or roasted vegetables, fresh, raw vegetables, falafels, hard boiled eggs, couscous, lentils, dressings and more. You can choose a small or a large bowl and fill it to your heart’s content. They also serve soups, pottages, casseroles and desserts. If you order your food to stay there are standing bars downstairs or you can carry your food up some steep wooden steps to a small eating area upstairs.

Address: Paulay Ede utca 53, Budapest 1061
Phone: (+36-1) 705-7142
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Govinda I.


Photo courtesy of Nemsüti

Govinda I is an Indian style lacto-vegetarian restaurant and salad bar. They serve different kinds of menus (with themes like Student, Pasta, Fitness, Prana, Ayurvedic, Govinda), casseroles, salads and desserts daily. Govinda is in a really nice part of the city and has a great atmosphere.

Address: Vigyázó Ferenc utca 4, Budapest 1051
Phone: (+36-1) 473-1310
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:30 am to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 8 pm

Govinda Veggie Corner

Govinda Veggie Corner is brought to you by the same people as Govinda I. They serve Indian style lacto-vegetarian dishes and salads. The place is great for a quick veggie lunch.

Address: Papnövelde utca 1, Budapest 1053
Phone: (+36-1) 267-7631
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday noon to 9 pm

Hummus Bar

Hummus Bar

Photo courtesy of Hummus Bar

The Hummus Bar is a small Middle Eastern eatery in the heart of Budapest. They serve Israeli food, including different kinds of sandwiches, soups, salads, breads, hummus plates and desserts. There are four locations but only two of them are vegetarian, the one in Alkotmány Street and the one in Hollán Ernő Street. These places are usually full of foreigners, especially students. The dishes are very generous. Lunchtime can get very busy.

Address I: Alkotmány utca 20, Budapest 1054 (close to Parliament)
Phone: (+36-1) 302-1385
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 10 pm

Address II: Hollán Ernő utca 6, Budapest 1136
Phone: (+36-70) 932-8015
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 10 pm, Saturday & Sunday noon to 10 pm

Napfényes Restaurant

Napfényes Restaurant is one of the oldest vegan places in Budapest, serving Hungarian specialties (Goulash, Brassoi, Stuffed cabbage, etc.) and pizzas. They have a permanent menu and some daily offers (usually one soup and a choice of three main courses). They also serve vegan Hungarian cakes and sweets. The furnishing is nice, casual and comfortable and the tables are spacious. Portions are large and filling. The restaurant is in the basement and they also have a small organic shop. The menu is available in English and German.

Address: Rózsa utca 39, Budapest 1077
Phone: (+36-1) 313-5555
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday noon to 10:30 pm

Napos Oldal Café

Napos Oldal Café

Photo courtesy of Napos Oldal Café

Napos Oldal Café is a vegetarian restaurant - cafe and a small organic food and product shop. They have a great choice of vegan dishes, salads, grains and desserts. They serve a lunch menu every day. The dishes are made without eggs, yeast or white granulated sugar. On the other side of the street they have a small organic grocery store.

Address: Jókai utca 7, Budapest 1061
Phone: (+36-1) 354-0048
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 2 pm

Le Bar (Juice Bar)

Le Bar is a small (6-8 seats) buffet style vegan juice bar, which usually gets very busy at lunchtime. They serve soups, salads, pizzas, pottages, cakes on a daily bases. There is an organic supermarket next to the bar.

Address: Múzeum körút 19, Budapest 1053



Photo courtesy of Nemsüti

Nemsüti is a small (tiny) vegetarian place, very close to Jászai Mari Square. The salad bar was first to open in 2004 followed by their lunch home delivery service a few years later. Every day, from Monday to Friday, they offer a soup, two main dishes and a dessert. Their food is delicious, seasonal and healthy. If you go to the restaurant during lunchtime, be sure to get there by noon because it can get very busy.

Address: Jászai Mari tér 4/b, Budapest 1132
Phone: (+36-1) 239-5765
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11 am to 5 pm

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  1. Gabriella Kormendi opines:

    Govinda Buda,Budapest. II. ker. Árpád fejedelem u. 33. és 2 másik Hummus bár is létezik, Dohány u. és Westend.

  2. Roberta Gyori opines:

    @Gabriella Kormendi - Köszönjük! Thanks for letting us know of the other locations.

  3. .gega. opines:

    Nemrég, idén nyílt egy új vega bisztró egy indiai kultúrális központ részeként. Nagyon finom, nem túl drága, kellemes hangulattal fűszerezve. Érdemes megnézni. grin

  4. Chandra opines:

    Thanks for the listing; I hope to use this as a base for my upcoming explorations of Budapest, without suffering either the pangs of hunger or the indignity of being looked down upon as a twisted being at “normal” restaurants!

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