Traditional Hungarian Dishes on the Menu

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'Hungary' puns aside, cuisine is a major component of the culture in Budapest, and the country's traditional dishes must be sampled in order to truly experience Hungary.


Traditional Hungarian Dishes

Fisherman's Soup

Gulyásleves – The famous Goulash soup, made of beef and vegetables
Halászlé – Fisherman's soup, a hot and spicy fish soup with lots of onion and paprika
Jókai bableves – A hearty bean soup with vegetables, smoked sausage and sour cream
Újházi tyúkhúsleves – Chicken soup with entire pieces of chicken, chunky vegetables
Hideg meggyleves – Chilled sour-cherry soup, recommended for hot summer days

Main Dishes:

Traditional Hungarian Dishes

Hortobágyi Crepe

Hortobágyi palacsinta – Crepe, filled with veal stew, topped with sour cream (often served as an appetizer)
Paprikás Csirke – The famous Chicken Paprikash, a chicken stew prepared with paprika and sour cream
Pörkölt – Meat stew, very similar to the French ragout
Töltött káposzta – Stuffed cabbage, cabbage rolls stuffed with ground meat
Töltött paprika – Stuffed pepper, peppers stuffed with ground meat and rice, cooked in tomato sauce
Lecsó – Vegetable stew, made from pepper, tomato and onion


Traditional Hungarian Dishes

Chestnut Puree

Palacsinta – Crepe, available with different fillings, like cottage cheese, chocolate or peach jam
Gundel Palacsinta – Crepe, with a special rum, raisin and walnut filling, topped with chocolate sauce
Rétes – Strudel, filled with apple, cherry, poppy seed or cottage cheese
Szilvás gombóc – Plum dumpling
Túrós gombóc – Cottage cheese dumpling
Gesztenyepüré – Chestnut Puree, chestnuts mashed with sugar and rum, topped with whipped cream
Dobos torta – Cake, filled with chocolate crème and glazed with caramel

Other Specialities:

Traditional Hungarian Dishes


Hurka – A type of liver sausage, made of pork liver
Lángos – Fried bread, served plain or with garlic, sour cream or cheese
Pogácsa – A type of biscuit made with bacon, potato or cheese
Kifli – A crescent-shaped pastry, that tastes like bread and is great for breakfast

Don't forget, Hungarians like it hot - hot paprika is a common ingredient in many recipes, along with fresh, seasonal vegetables and sour cream. The country's cuisine is among the richest and finest in Europe, so be sure to prepare your taste buds for a truly unique dining experience!

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