The Hungarian Contemporary Art Puzzle

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If you are a fan of contemporary art than check out the following article featured by the New York Times. It gives an intimate portrayal of the art scene in Budapest with some great suggestions on galleries to visit. Some of them, like Kisterem Gallery and Várfok Gallery are my personal favorites.

The Hungarian Contemporary Art Puzzle - The New York Times, Jul/8/2011

"It is a question that Attila Pocze has grown accustomed to being asked. “Why are our young artists not well known on the international scene? Why are we not there?” said Mr. Pocze, the founder and director of Vintage Galeria in Budapest.

Why contemporary art in Hungary does not have as strong an international reputation as neighbors like Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia is something of a mystery - even to the Budapest artists, curators, art historians and gallery owners who are involved in the scene. But they also say that things are changing, that local contemporary art is becoming more visible both on the international scene and in Budapest, where galleries are working together to raise awareness.

Hungarian contemporary art has a strong historical base, especially in photography. Robert Capa, André Kertesz, Martin Munkacsi, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Gyula Halasz - better known as Brassai - were all Hungarian..." Read the whole article

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