The Danube Info Trail - Budapest’s Newest River Walk

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Learn about the Danube through the eyes of contemporary artists along the 'Duna Tanösvény'

Now there's one more way to take in the beauty of the Danube River, the magnificent scenic divider and connector of Buda and Pest. The creators of the Danube Info Trail (Duna Tanösvény), young contemporary visual artists, tell the story of the river’s past, present and imagined future through cartoons, graphics and old photos along Budapest’s riverside. The trail stretches from Margaret Bridge to Petőfi Bridge on both banks of the Danube and there are 13 stops along the way.

Through the works of graphic designers, photographers and street artists, visitors can learn about the fascinating facts of life in and along the Danube. While most of the stops feature visual art, some include poems, stories and descriptions, unfortunately in Hungarian only. Like the intricate story of why beavers once became extinct along the Hungarian stretch of the Danube when Hungarian men believed that they were an aphrodisiac that helped them perform their marital duties. Learn about Széchenyi’s many connections to the river, including the Chain Bridge. See how vendors delivered their products by boats directly to Central Market Hall’s old docks. Check out the area across from Budapest’s Parliament that was once a public pool and where water jugglers used to entertain people at the end of the 19th century.

Duna Tanösvény

Life in the Danube

Duna Tanösvény

The area where there was a public pool once

Duna Tanösvény

The 'Stég'

Duna Tanösvény

Stég's huge deckchairs

The center and perhaps the most interesting part of the trail is an area called Stég, located at Belgrád rakpart on the Pest riverfront. It’s lined with huge deckchairs and is a great spot to take a break, meet some locals and take in the views of Gellért Hill and the river. Stég is open to everyone from 10 am to 8 pm daily. Once a week Stég hosts film screenings and concerts.

The Danube Info Trail is open until October 3rd, 2011 (with plans to reopen next summer). Entry is free of charge. It’s a fun way to get to know an other side of Budapest and meet some of its contemporary artists.

Here is a map of the trail:

Photos courtesy of Duna Tanösvény

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