The Airport Formerly Known as Ferihegy

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Budapest Airport gets new name, new passenger hall

Recently Budapest Airport underwent some major changes. It was renamed to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport in honor of the famous Hungarian born composer. In addition, Budapest Airport unveiled its brand new, state of the art passenger hall, SkyCourt.

SkyCourt connects Budapest Airport’s exsisting terminals 2A and 2B making the transfers between Schengen and non-Schengen countries far easier.

SkyCourt features a wide range of duty-free shops, retail outlets, restaurants and cafes. Hungarian brands like Tisza, Szamos and Herend have opened stores here, not to mention that Gundel, yes, Gundel, Budapest’s foremost purveyor of fine dining, now has a restaurant at Budapest Airport.

The new passenger hall has also been awarded the Tierney Clark Award* for Best Civil Engineering Project. The 32,000-square-meter curved structure resembles open hands greeting arriving passengers and bidding farewell to departing travelers.

SkyCourt opens for passengers on Sunday, Mar 27, 2011.

*The Tierney Clark Award was established by the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK, the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, and the Hungarian Association of Consulting Engineers and Architects. It is an annual award, named after William Tierney Clark, the British civil engineer who designed Budapest’s famous Chain Bridge in the 19th century.

Photos courtesy of Gyula Lintz

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