Taste of Hungary

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When it comes to food, Hungarian's don't mess around

Hungarian food's rich flavors are the result of centuries in spicing and cooking, influenced by French, Italian, Turkish, German and Austrian cuisine.

Taste of Hungary

Home made Fisherman's soup

Hungarians are serious about their soup. You've likely heard of Goulash, the world-famous soup that is so filling it could easily be a meal on its own. Another favorite is the Fisherman's soup (halászlé), which is cooked differently on the banks of Hungary's two main rivers, the Danube and the Tisza. If you're visiting Budapest during its hot summer months, try a refreshing fruit soup like cold sour cherry soup (meggyleves), an authentic Hungarian creation.

On most menus, you'll find famous Hungarian dishes like Chicken Paprikash, Foie gras, meat stews (pörkölt) and stuffed cabbage (töltött káposzta). The cuisine is also known for its remarkable variety of vegetable stews (called főzelék). Try a bowl of Lecsó, a mixed vegetable stew, or Spenót, a creamy spinach stew with garlic. Meat lovers will be happy to know that cold cuts are also a major component of Hungarian cuisine, and tasty sausages and salamis are often served up with bread that's baked fresh every morning.

Taste of Hungary

Sausages at Central Market Hall

Who's got room for salad when there are so many other hearty dishes to choose from? Hungarians are typically not salad-consumers, and salad is usually only served as a side dish in most restaurants. Make sure to leave room for dessert, as Hungary is famous for its delectable pastries and stuffed crepes. Sink your teeth into a Gundel Palacsinta, a crepe with a rum, raisin and walnut filling, served with chocolate sauce; or a strudel (rétes), filled with apple, cherry, poppy seed or cottage cheese; or try a serving of delicious chestnut puree.

Learn more about the main ingredients and master the basics of Hungarian cooking by taking a cooking class while in Budapest.

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