Szimpla Kert Farmer’s Market

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The latest 'it' place to sample some great local food in Budapest isn't a restaurant, instead it's the Farmer's Market hosted by Szimpla Kert every Sunday. Szimpla is also one of the city's most iconic ruin pubs and now they have a new mission: to help connect the city crowd with local farmers. The market opened in June and it quickly became a local favorite. It's a great source of healthy, farm-fresh, home-grown products and it's the perfect place to sample some delicious homemade food in a cool and friendly atmosphere. Wonder through the ruin pub's courtyard and you'll soon be munching on some tasty bites. Country-style pastries, fresh goat cheese, homemade syrups, honey, sausages, salamis, seasonal fruits and vegetables are all part of the offering. In addition you'll find plenty of kid's programs and live music.

The farmer's market is open every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. If you are passionate about markets, healthy eating and local produce and would like to support local farmers be sure to include the Szimpla Kert Farmer's Market on your Budapest itinerary. Here is a taste of country living mixed with city life the Szimpla way:

Photos by Zizi

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  1. Rambling Tart opines:

    What a gorgeous market! grin I would love to visit this next time I’m in Budapest. grin

  2. Zita opines:

    I’m glad you like it, Krista! I’ll guide you around! smile

  3. Janina opines:

    This was a wonderful market. Went here last sunday. So glad we found it. Recommend it to everyone! Local products is the way to go!

  4. Philip Massa opines:

    Went there last Sunday and found the local produce very interesting. I would suggest that signs are placed in main road leading to market so that it would be easier to find.

  5. Jasmine opines:

    I visited this great little market last Sunday. What a treat! I already told all about it to my travelling friends back in Israel.

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