Szamos Marzipan, a Hungarian Delicacy

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They say that it all began with the rose…

It was in the early 1930s when a young apprentice confectioner, Mátyás Szamos mastered the art of making a pretty rose from the almondy, sweet product called marzipan. He believed, that with enough skill, attention and lots of practice almost anything could be handcrafted from the sweetened almond mass.

To date, Szamos Marzipan comes in different shapes and sizes, with the rose being the most famous of them all and definitely one to savor. Equally delicious are the marzipan bonbons covered with dark chocolate, which by the way make a great gift.

You can see and taste a vast selection of marzipan at Szamos’ flagship store in Váci Street. The store is managed by the confectioner dynasty and it is a popular café too.

For enthusiasts there is a museum in Szentendre, dedicated to the life and work of the two outstanding Hungarian marzipan makers: Mátyás Szamos and Károly Szabó. The exhibition displays the art of marzipan making along with some of their masterpieces, such as a marzipan version of the Parliament building.

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  1. wafa albahar opines:

    i taste the marzipan and i visit santandra it was very butiful     how can i pay marzeban ther is export and can i have the prices pleas     thanks

  2. Roberta Gyori responds:

    @wafa albahar - I’m glad you had a good time! For more info on Szamos check out their official website at Select ‘trade’ from the English menu for details on export.

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